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'If Everything Goes Smoothly…': Kumaraswamy's Big Revelation on BJP-JDS Merger Buzz in Karnataka

"I would like to tell Siddaramaiah that even if 100 Siddaramaiahs come against us, they can't do anything to our party. They can't damage it," Kumaraswamy said.

Reported by: Manisha Roy
'If Everything Goes Smoothly…': Kumaraswamy's Big Revelation on BJP-JD(S) Merger Buzz in Karnataka | Image:ANI

Bengaluru: Amid the buzz of possible merger of Janata Dal (Secular) with the BJP, HD Kumaraswamy, former Karnataka Chief Minister and JDS-BJP candidate, has clarified that if everything goes according to his party’s plans then there will be no scope for such speculations and that the parties will work together.

News agency ANI quoted Kumaraswamy as saying, "There is no question of merging our party with any other party. Categorically, I am telling you. There is no question. If the BJP treats us well and everything goes smoothly, there is no question of JDS being absorbed into the BJP. We will work together."


The former CM challenged Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah that nothing can damage his party.

Congress Can't Do Anything to Our Party: Kumaraswamy

"I would like to tell Siddaramaiah that even if 100 Siddaramaiahs come against us, they can't do anything to our party. They can't damage it," Kumaraswamy added.

Earlier in 2006, Kumaraswamy, citing a threat to the party, walked out of the JDS-Congress alliance with 42 MLAs, reportedly against the wishes of his father, former PM and JDS patriarch HD Deve Gowda. He went on to form the government with the BJP.


Upon being asked about the invitation extended to his father, Deve Gowda, for the Ram Temple Pran Pratishtha ceremony which could be considered a personal connection between PM Modi and Deva Gowda, which led to the BJP-JDS alliance, he elaborated the dynamics between PM Modi and Deve Gowda.

He said, “When Narendra Modi ji entered national politics, at that time Deve Gowda was one of the main critics of PM Modi's national entry. Then, despite whatever he said at that time, after Modi Ji became PM, he went to meet him. Deve Gowda ji wanted to resign from his MP constituency, but Narendra Modi ji advised him that his advice was required and he must continue in Parliament. This is the respect shown by the Prime Minister for Deve Gowda ji. After assuming the role of Prime Minister, they met several times, and each time the PM showed respect to Deve Gowda ji and sought his advice.” 


While discussing Deve Gowda's political journey, he added, "In 2018 Deve Gowda ji joined hands with Congress. Throughout his career of 60-62 years, he has always aligned with secular forces. By using regional parties, Congress has destroyed several regional parties. Congress has humiliated Deve Gowda ji in several ways."

Dynamics Between PM Modi & HD Deve Gowda

"In 1995, when this United Front supported Deve Gowda Ji as a PM candidate, they (the Congress) did not. When they removed him, they had no reason at all. Even at that time, he also supported Inder Kumar Gujral. In 2004, again, they ditched Deve Gowda Ji. That time also, he respected Congress, even though, at that time, Arun Jaitley met him to join hands with BjP. Deve Gowda ji rejected it. At that time, he also joined hands with Congress and after joining, he watched how they treated him for 20 months. Even at that time, the health of Deve Gowda Ji deteriorated," he further said.

He further added, "Then, in 2009, he joined hands with the third front. That is a different issue. Then, even after Deve Gowda ji handed over the power to the BJP at that time again, his Congress friend wanted to split our party. Continuously, they were trying to destroy our party. Even after this, Deve Gowda Ji joined hands with Congress only."


Upon being asked why his party again joined hands with Congress, he reiterated that it was a wrong decision to trust the grand-old party.

He said he made several wrong decisions by trusting his Congress friends. "I am totally against Congress. I know how they are going to treat us and how they treated me as the Chief Minister," he further added.


Kumaraswamy on Congress' ‘Secularism’ Jibe 

While hitting back at the Congress' over its remark where it slammed the JDS for joining hands with the NDA and opined that the party should write to the Election Commission and drop the word 'secular' from their party's name, Kumaraswamy said, "What is the meaning of secularism? I wanted to question the Congress. Every day they are misusing the caste composition; they are using the caste composition and they wanted to get benefit from it for their party."


"According to me, there is no meaning to secularism or communalism. For example, let's talk about DMK. They joined hands with the Centre, with both the Congress and the BJP. Whatever the reason was, they took the decision in their own interest, not for secularism or communalism," he said.


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