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PM Modi Amid Iran-Israel Conflict: When World is Shaking in Fear, Can 'Corrupt' Congress Lead India?

PM Modi said, "The whole world is shaking in fear. During such uncertain times, a strong and resolute India is the need of the hour."

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PM Modi | Image:PM Modi

Bhopal: Amid escalating tensions in the Middle-East, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that in a world filled with uncertainty, only a government with clarity can lead India ahead. Addressing an election rally at Madhya Pradesh's Hoshangabad, PM Modi said, "The whole is shaking in fear. During such uncertain times, a strong and resolute India is the need of the hour." Attacking the INDI alliance, PM Modi warned that a "corrupt and weak" INDI alliance can never see India through such tough global situation.

"Be it war or uncertainty, there is an environment of fear all around. People are wondering if something is going to happen to them. In such a scenario, can the work of making India strong and self-reliant be done by the weak and corrupt INDI alliance?


Saying the INDI alliance wants to leave India powerless, PM Modi asked, “One of the INDI allies (CPIM) wanted to eliminate nuclear weapons from India. Will any country think like this? Aren't nuclear weapons required for India's safety and strength? When enemies possess this kind of power, how can they save the country against any threats?”

Modi also said the Congress never recognised the contribution of adivasis (tribals), but the BJP government has honoured them. "The Congress always insulted Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, we have honoured him," Modi said on the birth anniversary of the architect of India's Constitution. Because of the Constitution given by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, a tribal woman became the President of India, he said, referring to Droupadi Murmu's election to the country's top constitutional post.


"The Congress is saying that if I become prime minister for the third time, the country will be in flames," Modi said targeting the opposition party, adding, “The (opposition) INDI alliance is unable to decide in which direction the country should move.”

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