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Exclusive/ 'No Connect': Sanjay Nirupam Exposes Deepening Communication Gap Within Congress | EXCLUSIVE

"Nobody from Congress' central leadership or from other parties have connected with me yet," said party leader Sanjay Nirupam while speaking to Republic TV.

Reported by: Isha Bhandari
Big Communication Gap Within the Congress: Sanjay Nirupam Targets Party Leadership | EXCLUSIVE | Image:Sanjay Nirupam

New Delhi: Former Rajya Sabha MP and Congress leader, Sanjay Nirupam on Friday voiced concerns over a purported communication breakdown within the Congress party and urged a reconsideration of its alliance with Shiv Sena (UBT). Nirupam’s remark while speaking exclusively to Republic TV follow recent tensions between the two parties, notably sparked by Shiv Sena’s independent release of candidate lists for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, bypassing Congress.

Expressing apprehension over Shiv Sena's maneuvering in Mumbai, Nirupam remarked, "The way Shiv Sena UBT has taken 5 seats of Mumbai, it seems that there is a plan to bury Congress in Mumbai." 


Shiv Sena (UBT) wants to diminish Cong’s influence: Sanjay Nirupam 

The Congress leader went on to assert that Shiv Sena's actions indicated a concerted effort to diminish Congress's influence in the region, calling upon Congress leadership to intervene promptly or contemplate severing ties with Shiv Sena.


Nirupam highlighted a disconnection between central leadership and state-level leaders in the Congress party. He emphasized the need for Congress leaders to have autonomy and voiced dissatisfaction with the handling of negotiations within the alliance.

Drawing attention to the imbalance in seat distribution, Nirupam underscored the perceived disparity, stating, “In Mumbai, Shiv Sena got all 5 seats out of 6, and we got one seat like a beggar. This is an insult to Congress and a conspiracy to end Congress.”


I have given myself 2 weeks to decide on my political future: Nirupam 

Citing the urgency for effective communication and strategic decision-making, Nirupam revealed his contemplation of future political steps, allowing himself a two-week window for deliberation. He lamented the lack of outreach from central leadership or other political entities, underscoring the need for cohesive engagement within the party.

Nirupam's remarks shed light on the internal dynamics of Congress and the challenges posed by its alliance with Shiv Sena. 


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