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Milind Deora's Warning: 'Chickens Roost in WB' as Discord Widens Rift in Cong-Indi Bloc

Milind Deora expressed discontent with Congress decisions, foreseeing consequences in West Bengal, as rifts within opposition alliance becomes more prominent.

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The backdrop of Deora's statement is the ongoing Congress 'Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra,' led by Rahul Gandhi, scheduled to enter West Bengal from Assam. | Image:ANI/ PTI

Mumbai: In a recent statement, Milind Deora, a former Congress leader who recently joined the Shiv Sena, expressed dissatisfaction with the party's decision-making apparatus. Deora highlighted his earlier warnings about safeguarding the party's interests, which, according to him, were disregarded. He criticised the Congress for surrendering to a party, implying that Shiv Sena’s UBT faction lacks MPs, MLAs, candidates, or a clear ideology. Additionally, in his statement, Deora shared a phrase, "chickens come home to roost," which seems fitting in this context. This suggests that the negative consequences the Congress is now facing are repercussions due to bad decision-making, as highlighted by Deora.

With recent statements and Rahul Gandhi about to enter West Bengal, Deora might be implying similar dynamics unfolding in West Bengal’s political landscape as well, hinting that the repercussions of certain political choices may manifest in a way that was previously warned against.


Deora’s words Ignored by Congress 

“A few weeks ago, I stood as Maharashtra’s lone Congress leader, fighting to safeguard the party's interests from being taken for a ride. My warnings were disregarded, and Congress surrendered to a party lacking MPs, MLAs, candidates, or ideology,” the now Shiv Sena leader said.


Adding, “Yesterday, the chickens come home to roost in West Bengal.”

‘Chickens Come Home to Roost’

The backdrop of Deora's statement is the ongoing Congress 'Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra,' led by Rahul Gandhi, scheduled to enter West Bengal from Assam. The Yatra is part of the INDIA bloc alliance, formed to challenge the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance in the upcoming 2024 Parliamentary elections.


Deora's concerns gain significance as they coincide with Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee's announcement that her party will contest the Lok Sabha polls independently in West Bengal. Both Congress and TMC are constituents of the INDI bloc, making this move a potential disruptor within the alliance and widening the already present rift.

Rahul’s New ‘Nyay’ Yatra

The Yatra, covering 523 km across six districts and six Lok Sabha constituencies, is Rahul Gandhi's first visit to the state since the 2021 assembly polls. Former state Congress president Pradip Bhattacharya expressed optimism, stating that the Yatra could rejuvenate Bengal's Congress unit both organizationally and electorally.

However, the TMC's decision to abstain from the Yatra, citing a lack of information, adds a layer of complexity. Mamata Banerjee expressed surprise, questioning whether the Congress informed her about the Yatra. This led to accusations from senior Congress leader Deepa Dasmunsi, suggesting that the TMC might be aiding the BJP in the state.


The political landscape in West Bengal took an unexpected turn when Mamata Banerjee announced that the TMC would contest the Lok Sabha polls independently, a move that left the opposition INDIA bloc stunned. Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh acknowledged the significance of Banerjee's role in the opposition alliance.

Milind Deora's concerns seem rooted in the internal disagreements within the INDIA opposition bloc, particularly regarding seat-sharing. Reports suggest that Deora is unhappy with the differences that surfaced within the Maha Vikas Aghadi over seat distribution.


The developments in West Bengal and the rift within the opposition bloc raise questions about the unity and coherence of the INDIA alliance as it prepares for the crucial 2024 Parliamentary elections.


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