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'Darne Ki Zarurat Nahi': PM Modi Reveals Big Plans For Developed India by 2047 | Highlights

'Due to electoral bonds you are getting the trail of the money', said PM Modi during his biggest pre-poll interview

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प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी | Image:ANI

New Delhi:  Prime Minister Modi touched upon several issues in his biggest pre-poll interview with news agency ANI, spanning from Electoral Bonds and the BJP's manifesto to Elon Musk and apprehensions regarding government influence over agencies like the ED, CBI, and EC.  During the interview, PM Modi articulated his vision for a fully developed India by 2047 and talked about his ‘Abhi toh trailer hai’ remarks on 10 years of work. “I have big plans...kissi ko darne ki zaroorat nahin hai. My decisions are not made to scare anyone or to diminish anyone. They are made for the overall development of the country", said the Prime Minister.

"The second thing is the question of the 2047 vision. First of all, I have been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for a long time. And I am used to the experience. If elections are held again and again then from my state, 30-40 senior good officers used to go as observers, for election duty. So they used to stay out for 40-50 days. I used to worry about how I run the government. Because in the country, such elections keep happening and my observers keep going. Then I thought if I had an election, I would not take that period as a vacation. I give jobs to the officials in advance. I ask them to do this for the next government. So I used to plan for 100 days even at that time," PM Modi added. 


While speaking on 'One Nation One Election', Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "One nation one election is our commitment...Many people have come on board and given their input. The suggestions received are not only positive, but innovative too. As a nation, we'll benefit a lot if we are able to implement this report."


Talking about Modi 3.0, the Prime Minister said, “Our third term will focus on the scale and the pace of the country's development. Determined to increase the pace of development in my 3rd term. 2024 Lok Sabha elections is an opportunity to decide between BJP's 10 years and Congress' 60 years.”


On Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi said, “Unfortunately, these days we see there is no commitment and responsibility towards one word. You must have seen old videos of a leader circulating, where his every thought is contradictory. When people see this, they think that this leader was trying to hoodwink the public. Lately, I heard a politician say “Ek jhatke mein garibi hata dunga”. Those who got a chance to be in power for 5-6 decades, when they say this, the country thinks what is this man saying." 

On his ‘Vision 2047 ‘ for the country, PM Modi said, “This is not just Modi's vision, the ownership of this vision belongs to the whole country...I don’t want to waste even a minute. My aim is to increase the speed and the scale of development in the country in my next term."


On the allegation that '400 paar' would lead to changes in the Constitution leading to the cancellation of diversity, PM said, "...The problem lies with them (opposition) - they want to cast the country in the same mould. We worship diversity. We celebrate it..."

"I don't understand that on what basis you (Congress) are levelling such allegations against a man who celebrated the Tamil language - the oldest language - at the UN? They have issues when I wear attires from different states. The problem lies with them - they want to cast the country in the same mould. We worship diversity. We celebrate it...We have said, why can't one become a doctor or an engineer using their mother tongue (curriculum in local languages)? When I speak about the mother tongue, it means I am celebrating it, I am enhancing its greatness. I met young gamers recently. One of them asked me if I had a message for them. I told them - do a thing, wherever you put down your signatures - do it in your mother language. Take that pride (in your mother tongue). I am trying to bring in diversity. If they have to level allegations, what can I do?"


On the issue of Ram Temple, "For them (opposition), it was a political weapon. Now it has been built, so the issue has gone out of their hands" says PM Narendra Modi.

PM Narendra Modi recalled US President Joe Biden-Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman handshake and proving the Western media naysayers wrong for a joint G20 declaration. "...I did not want to wait until the last session. I wanted to get it done early which would surprise people. We got the Declaration in the first session on the second day itself. Attempts were made to drag G20 on the basis of negative estimations - I wanted to surprise them by all means. That was my strategy. The strategy was successful and I am happy..."


On the so-called 'North-South divide' PM Modi said, "...Viewing India as different units is a result of mindlessness regarding India. Which part of India has the most number of villages associated with Lord Ram's name? Tamil Nadu...Diversity is our strength, we should celebrate it..."

"Bharat ek bahuratna vasundhara hai. India is a country of diversity...Viewing India as different units is a result of mindlessness regarding India. Which part of India has the most number of villages associated with Lord Ram's name? Tamil Nadu...How can you term it a separate (unit)?...There is diversity. An individual from Nagaland will not be like a person from Punjab. A person from Kashmir will not be like a Gujarati. Diversity is our strength, we should celebrate it. India is a bouquet where everyone can see their flower. That is the sentiment which should be harboured."


On being asked about electoral bonds, PM Modi said, "Due to electoral bonds you are getting the trail of the money. Which company gave it? How did they give it? Where did they give it? And that is why I say when they (opposition) will think honestly, everyone will regret it (on the Supreme Court decision to scrap electoral bonds)."  

On Opposition leaders, including Rahul Gandhi's, charge on electoral bonds and whether this was a bad decision, PM said, "...If there were no electoral bonds, who would have had the power to find out where the money came from and where it went? This is the success story of electoral bonds that there were electoral bonds, that is why you are getting a trail of money...The concern I have is that I never say that there are no deficiencies in decision-making. In decision-making, we learn and improve. It is very possible to improve in this too. But today we have completely pushed the country towards black money. That is why I say everyone will regret it. When they think honestly later, everyone will regret it...BJP has 37% of the amount, 63% to the opposition..."


On Elon Musk's entry into the Indian market and job creation, PM Modi said, "Elon Musk is supporter of Modi is one thing, basically, he is a supporter of India...I want investment in India. Paisa kisi ka bhi laga ho, paseena mere desh ka lagna chahiye, uske andar sugandh mere desh ki mitti ki aani chahiye, taaki mere desh ke naujawan ko rozgar mile (Whoever wishes to invest can, but it must be built by Indians so that the youth of my country get employment)."

On Opposition's allegation that BJP is in control of all institutions and there is no level playing field, PM said "...There is a saying — Naach na jaane aangan tedha. That's why sometimes they will make excuses for the EVM. Basically, for the defeat, they have started to set some reasoning from now..." "...If the Election Commission is formed today, then the opposition is also in it. Earlier, the Prime Minister used to sign a file and form the Election Commission. Those who were close to their families, such people became election commissioners. Such people, who after leaving from there, became members of the Rajya Sabha, became ministers of their government. Such election commissioners were chosen who became Congress candidates later. And that is why we cannot play at that level. We cannot become like this. We want to go on the right path, we don't want to go on the wrong path. Secondly, how did the CBI and ED come about? There is a saying—Naach na jaan aangan tedha. That's why sometimes they will make excuses about the EVM. Basically, for their defeat, they have started to set some reasoning from now..."


PM Modi's appeal to first-time voters, “Don't vote for politics. Vote for the Nation, vote for your future."

He also took on the opposition for failing to keep its promises to the people. Speaking to ANI in the interview, the Prime Minister said that politicians need to take ownership of the statements they make to the people. 

"I feel that political leadership is becoming questionable. In such a situation, we should remember that we have a tradition of 'Pran Jaye par Vacchan na Jaye'. (You can lose your life but not your word). I believe that politicians should take ownership, they should take responsibility. What I say is my responsibility and I have given the guarantee for that. I also commit and I take ownership. Take the case of Article 370, it has been our party's commitment. When it was my turn, I showed courage and did away with 370. And today, the fate of Jammu and Kashmir has changed," the PM said.

"Triple Talaq. Many things happened the political leadership, then got scared. People said, why should we trust them? They say one thing and the other. But people started believing. Trust is a very big power. And in a country like India, I consider this trust as my responsibility. And that is why I say this again and again," the PM added.


The Prime Minister said that by saying 'Modi ki gaurantee' he was giving the people a guarantee that he would fulfill all his promises.

Reacting to PM Modi's interview with ANI, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said, "The important thing in electoral bond is- names and dates. If you see the names and dates you will know that when they (donors) gave the electoral bond, right after that contract was given to them or CBI inquiry was withdrawn against them. Pradhan Mantri pakade gaye hain isiliye ANI ko interview de rahe hain. This is the biggest extortion scheme of the world and PM Modi is the mastermind of it...Ask the PM to explain that one day CBI inquiry starts and immediately after that they get the money and immediately after that CBI inquiry is scrapped. Big contracts, infrastructure contracts- the company gives money and immediately after that they are given the money. The truth is it is extortion and PM Modi has masterminded it"


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