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‘Royal Magician': PM Modi Lambasts Rahul Gandhi Over His Poverty Eradication Claim

Calling Rahul Gandhi a "royal magician" over his claim of eradicating poverty “with a single stroke”, PM Modi said the country doesn't take him seriously.

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Calling Rahul Gandhi a "royal magician" over his claim of eradicating poverty “with a single stroke”, PM Modi said the country doesn't take him seriously. | Image:'X'/@narendramodi

Hoshangabad: Calling Congress leader Rahul Gandhi a "royal magician" over his claim of eradicating poverty “with a single stroke”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the country doesn't take him seriously, news agency PTI reported. Addressing a rally at Pipariya, a town in Madhya Pradesh's Hoshangabad Lok Sabha constituency, the prime minister also slammed the INDI bloc over one of its constituents being in favour of nuclear disarmament, saying, “They cannot protect the country”.

The Congress always insulted Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, but the BJP government has honoured him, PM Modi said.


"The Congress shehzada had announced that his party, if elected to power, would eradicate poverty with a single stroke. It is something worth laughing over. Where was this royal magician hiding for so many years? His grandmother (former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi) had given the slogan of 'Garibi Hatao' 50 years ago," PM Modi said in an apparent dig at Rahul Gandhi, adding that the country does not take him seriously.

"They ran the government by remote control for 10 years before 2014. Now, they have found a mantra instantly. They made such statements and have become a laughing stock. It is a joke on the poor," the prime minister said.

Without naming any party, PM Modi said a constituent of the INDI bloc has called for nuclear disarmament, in what appeared to be an indirect reference to the CPIM manifesto.


A party that cannot strengthen itself, can it really strengthen the country? he quipped.

"In the manifestoes of INDI alliance partners, a number of dangerous promises were made. One of its partner's manifesto has promised nuclear disarmament of the country," PM Modi said, adding: “We should have nuclear weapons to protect our country; those saying otherwise can't protect India”.


Stressing that he “has reached here due to the Constitution scripted by Babasaheb”, PM Modi, while speaking on the birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar, also said the Congress never recognised the contribution of adivasis (tribals), but the BJP government has honoured them.

Because of the Constitution given by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, a tribal woman became the President of India, the PM further said, referring to Droupadi Murmu's election to the country's top constitutional post.


"Today is a big day in history as today is the birth anniversary of Ambedkar Ji. It was because of Babasaheb's Constitution that a tribal family's daughter has become the country's president and a poor woman's son is seeking votes from you for serving you for the third time," he said.

Underlining that the BJP government has got an opportunity to develop 'Panch Teerth' associated with Babasaheb Ambedkar (who was born in Mhow town of Madhya Pradesh), PM Modi said the Congress, during its rule, had imposed Emergency and dissolved state governments at its will.


"Now the royal family is threatening that if Modi becomes prime minister for the third time, the country would be up in flames," he said.

"They are jealous. The fire has engulfed their heart and mind. They are not jealous of Modi but are jealous of the love of 140 crore people of the country for Modi. They are restless after being out of power for 10 years," the PM said, adding that the INDI alliance is unable to decide in which direction the country should move.


Asserting that the slogan – "Phir ek baar, Modi sarkar" – is resonating across the country, the PM told the gathering: “Modi doesn’t have any dream; your dreams are my mission”.


Published April 14th, 2024 at 22:57 IST