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Nation Wants To Know/ Jaishankar's Biggest Election Interview With Arnab | Excerpts

In this politically loaded conversation, Jaishankar addressed various issues, including his political journey, the CAA, the Kachchatheevu row etc.

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Watch EAM S Jaishankar's Biggest Pre-election Interview With Arnab Goswami At 8 PM And 10 PM Only on Nation Wants to Know | Image:Republic

New Delhi: In an exclusive interview with Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami on Nation Wants to Know, External Affairs Minister Jaishankar, who has been instrumental in shaping India’s diplomacy, addressed a range of topics, including the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha Election. 

In this politically loaded conversation, Jaishankar addressed various issues, including his political journey, the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the Kachchatheevu row, Rahul Gandhi’s vision of India, and the Congress party's manifesto for the 2024 elections among others.


Jaishankar's pre-election interview is setting a new tone in the headlines as he passionately dismantled the narrative propagated by Western media outlets, challenging their portrayal of Indian democracy and offering a robust defence of the country's democratic institutions.

Here are the excerpts from Jaishankar's most explosive, trendsetting and headline-generating political interview:-


S Jaishankar on his political journey

Talking to Arnab about his political journey,  Jaishankar said,"The last 5 years have been a combination of challenges and experiences. By now, I have reached a reasonable level of comfort. " It is a journey, 5 years is a long time. These 5 years have been very intense. The COVID pandemic was a period not only of enormous responsibilities but also a time when all administrators went out among people to motivate and support them", Jaishankar told Arnab. 


Why raise Katchatheevu during the elections?

 Jaishankar said, “It is important for people to know that DMK was dishonest on Katchatheevu. DMK has no business posing as the champion of fishermen’s interests. DMK was party to the Katchatheevu decision’. DMK has mastered the art of saying one thing and doing another.”

Why are Tamil Hindus not included under CAA?


CAA is derived from the happenings and decisions taken in the aftermath of partition. Can't compare what was happening to Tamils in Sri Lanka with Hindus in Pakistan. Through CAA, we want to give justice to those who were let down in history”, Jaishankar told Arnab on Nation Wants to Know. 

Is the 'deep state' getting back at India? 

"We live in an era of globalised ideologies and the globalised elites have a sense of entitlement that they influence the world", Jaishankar said, terming New York and London 'Anglosphere Hubs'.  “Global entitled elite tries to pressurise. We don't believe in turning the other cheek”, he added. 


Did the USA cross the line with its comment on the Kejriwal Issue?

"We took strong objection to what the USA did and communicated very strongly with US envoy", Jaishankar told Arnab. 


He added,"In diplomacy, there is etiquette. People have manners, and Nations should also have manners. Nations with manners shouldn't comment on the internal issues of others. We made our point of view very clear and took strong objection to what the USA did. We Communicated very clearly with the acting ambassador that we objected to what the USA said. What is happening in India is none of their business."   

Is global criticism over India co-ordinated?

"It's a fact that governments co-ordinate. Global pressure can't impact our policies. India must rise in a very volatile global situation", said EAM. 


Is there any link between Rahul Gandhi's appeal and the Western narrative against India? 

“When Western preferences aren't elected, they get upset. only weak politicians ask for foreign interference”, stated Jaishankar.  


On Rahul Gandhi's theory that India is not a nation

When asked about Rahul's theory that India is not a nation, Jaishankar expressed shock and said,"I strongly disagree with Rahul's comment. Can't believe anyone says India is a negotiation."


 On India's Relationship With Canada

"We have had a very difficult relationship with Canada because its political calculations have given space to extremist political forces who often advocate violence and separatism from India. The extremist political forces, who often advocate violence and separatism, are today allowed to operate in Canadian politics in the name of free speech. That's a problem for us. Free speech can't be threatening diplomats of India", Jaishankar told Arnab. 

On The Guardian piece targeting India 


"I don't normally read The Guardian. For the unversed, the Guardian article had alleged RAW hand in Pak assassinations. "Who are these sterling citizens of Pak who were killed? Why are the deaths of terrorists in Pak causing concern? Who are these Pak citizens who are raising global concern?", asked the EAM.

Speaking on Pak killings, Jaishankar said," Enough snakes in Pakistan. Snakes in Pak can bite other snakes. Let Pak figure out who killed their own citizens", said Jaishankar. 


On NDA's 400+ target

"Nothing sinister about wanting 400+ target. Those who can't pass the exam are worrying about us getting a distinction. People should worry about how they manage their political prospects", Jaishankar exuded confidence in BJP's victory.   


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