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Samosa, Bike to Helicopter Ride: Election Commission to Set Prices for Lok Sabha Campaign Essentials

Officials in all districts have been told by the EC to make a list of prices for all the things used by political parties and candidates during their campaigns.

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EC to set prices after consultation on campaign essentials | Image:Election Comission/X

New Delhi: The countdown has begun for the announcement of Lok Sabha elections, which could happen any time in the next week. Right now, before the elections are announced, the Election Commission is getting ready to watch how much candidates spend during the elections. Officials in every district have been told to make a list of prices for all the things used by political parties and candidates during their campaigns, said media reports. This includes prices for items like samosas, food plates, helicopters, DJs, and vehicles like tempos.

What's interesting is that after the Election Commission's instructions, some districts have set prices for things used in election campaigns.


EC to Set Prices After Consultation 

According to the Commission, these prices should be decided after talking with political parties. Also, the expenses of each candidate in the election should be calculated using these prices. For example, the cost of renting vehicles used in campaigns should be added to all the candidates' expenses at the same rates. This will make sure that everyone spends money transparently during the elections. During this time, the Commission has suggested that all districts include local-level election items in the list. The observers posted in the districts have also been told to provide this list, reports added.


Using a helicopter will add Rupees 2.30 lakh to a candidate's expenses. Following the Commission's instructions, the District Election Officer of Gautam Buddha Nagar near Delhi has made a list of about 280 things used in elections. If a candidate uses a helicopter, Rs 2.30 lakh will be added to their election expenses, while using a drone will add Rs 16 thousand. The price of one plate of food has been set at Rs 100 and the price of one samosa at Rs 10.

Further same media report stated that candidates have been cautioned about necessary affidavits during nomination. The Election Commission has alerted all District Election Officers about mandatory affidavits that candidates must submit during nomination. It's been said that criminal and financial details of any candidate should be taken during nomination.


Take Affidavit from All Candidates: EC Issues Guideline 

Instructions have also been given to take an affidavit from all candidates during nomination, stating that they don't have any outstanding electricity, water bills, or rent. It's important because during nomination, some candidates' papers might get rejected due to missing information. For example, during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, 51 candidates filed nominations from the Lucknow seat, but 37 of these nominations were rejected during scrutiny. Similarly, 25 people filed nominations from the Ghaziabad Lok Sabha seat, but 13 nominations were cancelled after scrutiny.


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