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Nation Wants To Know/ Piyush Goyal's Biggest Election Interview With Arnab | Excerpts

Piyush Goyal on Nation Wants to Know: All six seats in Mumbai will be a cakewalk for BJP, said Piyush Goyal.

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Union Minister Piyush Goyal Exclusive Interview With Arnab | Image:Republic

New Delhi: Ahead of the fifth phase of polling for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 on May 20, Union Minister Piyush Goyal spoke exclusively to Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami on "Nation Wants to Know." Their discussion covered a spectrum of topics, spanning from poll campaigns to the split with Sena, the prevailing Modi wave across Maharashtra, and the dynamics of the INDI alliance. The trendsetting election interview was aired across multiple platforms of the Republic Media Network.  

Piyush Goyal on Nation Wants to Know | Here Are The Excerpts

‘Grateful to PM Modi’

When asked about the campaign, Goyal said he is having the best experience of his life, I am grateful to PM Modi for deeming me capable of representing North Mumbai in Parliament as a Lok Sabha MP. He said it's truly a dream come true that he will be representing Mumbai. 


On Contest Against Congress Candidate

In response to a question about facing a formidable opponent who has a long history of service in Congress, Goyal expressed that ultimately, it's up to the constituents to determine whether the election will be a straightforward victory or a competitive contest. However, he highlighted Prime Minister Modi's remarkable achievements over the past decade and his vision for leading India towards greater development. Goyal emphasized that Modi's work has garnered widespread admiration and affection not just from the people of Mumbai, but from around the globe. 


All 6 Seats Will Be A Cakewalk For PM Modi and His Leadership

All six seats in Mumbai will be a cakewalk for PM Modi and his leadership, said Piyush Goyal. For the unversed, there are six Lok Sabha seats in Mumbai city and Mumbai Suburban. These are namely — Mumbai North, Mumbai North-West, Mumbai North-East, Mumbai North-Central, Mumbai South-Central and Mumbai South. Around 120 candidates are contesting the Lok Sabha Elections from these six seats.


Uddhav's treacherous behaviour has brought us shame

When asked about the split with Sena, Goyal stated, "For petty personal game and his ambition to become the Chief Minister, Mr Uddhav Thackeray sacrificed every principle of Hindu Hriday Samrat Bala Saheb Thackeray. He sacrificed Hindutva, gave up on Lord Ram and went on to join hands with Rahul Gandhi. The people of Maharashtra will give them a befitting reply in this Lok Sabha election."


He added,"Development work in Maharashtra came to a standstill, and people wanted a change. Eknath Shinde has brought respect back to Shiv Sena, leading the true Sena with natural allies. The father-son duo, Uddhav and his son are now running a splinter group, and Uddhav's treacherous behaviour has brought us shame.”  

On INDI Alliance

 AAP is contesting against Congress in Punjab but they are partners in Delhi. They're fighting with each other in one state and claim to be partners in another state. TMC has thrown out Congress and Left from West Bengal. What kind of an alliance they are in?" Union Minister Piyush Goyal told Arnab. 


One-sided race for PM Modi

The situation I see on the ground is completely towards Narendra Modi. Yesterday's Modi's rally was unbelievably large. I have not seen something like that in Mumbai before since childhood. The race is one-sided in favour of Narendra Modi, Goyal told Arnab. 


“Out of 48 seats, NDA will get beyond 42 seats this time in Maharashtra," Goyal predicted. 

Do People Criticise on Face? 

When Arnab inquired if people criticize him to his face, Goyal responded, "I have three sources: people I meet regularly, friends in the media, and our own analysis team. So, we are very well aware of the ground situation and the mood of the nation."

What's at stake?

When asked by Arnab about what's at stake, Goyal points to India's journey starting from 1998 under Atal Bihari Vajpayee's leadership, where the country grappled with high inflation and interest rates, leading to a demoralized state. Despite significant progress during Vajpayee's tenure, the subsequent electoral defeat in 2004 marked a period of decline under the UPA government, characterized by scandals and stagnation. However, Goyal highlights the resurgence under Prime Minister Modi's leadership over the past decade. Under Modi, India has experienced a revival, with confidence permeating across the people due to his decisive governance.

Lok Sabha Election Phase V

On Monday, May 20, all Lok Sabha constituencies in Mumbai, comprising six seats across the city and suburban areas, will witness polling. These seats include Mumbai North, Mumbai North-West, Mumbai North-East, Mumbai North-Central, Mumbai South-Central, and Mumbai South, with approximately 120 candidates vying for victory. 

The distribution of candidates is as follows: 19 in Mumbai North, 21 in Mumbai North-West, 20 in Mumbai North-East, 27 in Mumbai North-Central, 15 in Mumbai South-Central, and 14 in Mumbai South. The key contenders among political parties include the Bharatiya Janata Party, Shiv Sena, Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray), and Congress. Additionally, the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) is contesting one of the six Lok Sabha seats in Mumbai. The fifth phase of the Lok Sabha polls will also encompass elections for Thane, Kalyan, Bhiwandi, and Palghar seats. The results of the Lok Sabha Elections are scheduled to be announced on June 4.





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