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Ashish Vidyarthi Opens Up On Divorce With Ex-wife Rajoshi Barua: With Grace And Dignity...

"Over the last few years Piloo (Rajoshi Barua) and I discussed how we see the future is slightly different from one another," said Ashish Vidyarthi.

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Ashish talked about his divorce with his previous wife Rajoshi.(Ashish Vidyarthi/Facebook)

Actor Ashish Vidyarthi, 57, got remarried on Thursday, May 25, to Rupali Barua. Pictures from their wedding have been doing the rounds on social media. The internet is abuzz with netizens sharing their views on the matter. The actor was previously married to actress Rajoshi Barua.This afternoon (May 26), Ashish took to Instagram to share a video with his followers, opening up about the happenings in his personal life.

In the clip, Ashish talked about his divorce from his previous wife and shared that it was a mutual decision. The actor said that he met Rajoshi 22 years ago and noted that they shared a beautiful time together. "About 22 years back Piloo (Rajoshi Barua) and I met and we got married and it was an amazing one. We had Arth, who is now 22. He is working, but somehow, over the last few years Piloo and I discussed, after the beautiful innings we played together we saw that how we see the future is slightly different from one another," said Ashish in the video.

Ashish further said that both Rajoshi and he sat down to sort out their differences but came to the conclusion that even if they did figure out a way to make things work, one of them would be imposing on the other. He pointed out how it would take away the happiness that they both wanted. Ashish said, "Yes, we tried our best if we could sort out our differences, then we discovered that the differences can be sorted out but they can be sorted out in a way that one of us will impose on the other." "And, that will take away from the happiness and happiness is all that we want, right?" he asked. 

The 57-year-old actor said that eventually, they decided to part ways amicably. "So at that time we both sat down together and said we will do it amicably," he said. If we can’t walk together amicably let’s walk separately but remain amicable and that's what we did. With grace and dignity of ease we parted ways,” he added. 


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Ashish Vidyarthi on his second marriage 

Meanwhile, in the video, the Haider actor also opened up on his desire to stay a married man. Opening up about his second marriage, Ashish stated how the universe helped him meet a companion who he could spend the rest of his life with. Additionally, on a lighter note, referring to the news article that mentioned he remarried at the age of 60, Ashish revealed that Rupali is 50 and he is 57. He also emphasised how age doesn't matter as long as one is happy.

Ashish Vidyarthi and Rupali Barua twinned in traditional white ensembles for their wedding. The actor sported a gamosa, an Assamese traditional outfit, along with an ivory kurta-pyjama combination. Rupali, a Guwahati native, wore an Assamese Mekhela Chador and accessorised with gold jewellery. 

On the work front, Ashish was last seen in the web series, Trial By Fire. It starred  Abhay Deol, Anupam Kher, Rajshri Deshpande, Rajesh Tailang, Ratna Pathak and Shilpa Shukla. Next, he will be a part of Khufiya, which will have a digital release. 

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