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Sonam Kapoor Reacts To Anshula Kapoor's Note On Body Positivity, Calls Her 'beautiful'

In a long note, Anshula Kapoor talked about body positivity and embracing herself. Sonam Kapoor, who is Anshula's sister, cheered for her.

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Sonam Kapoor reacted to her sister Anshula Kapoor's latest post on Instagram about body positivity. In the post, the latter opened up about body positivity. She further shared how she is embracing her body. 

Anshula took to social media and shared two photos. In the photo, she could be seen wearing a black satin off-shoulder top. She further shared how she likes the side of herself which, "allows her to celebrate every part of her body." Sharing the post on Instagram, she wrote, "These images have been sitting in my drafts for weeks, but I don’t know what it is about tonight that’s given me the courage to post it rather than delete the draft. So here goes.. I’ve spent more than half of my life being unable to see any kind of beauty in who I am or what I look like."

"Whether it was the curls that I called unmanageable & frizzy, or the shoulders that were covered in stretch marks, or the arms that were too big to be bare, the upper lip that was so much thinner than the bottom lip, or the chins that were always doubling and tripling. Why is it that even though you learn never to judge a book by it’s cover, you fail to show the same grace to yourself? Always judging what you see outside, without even looking at how brightly the inside shines through?," she added.

Sonam Kapoor was quick to respond to Anshula's post. She re-shared her post on her Instagram story and called her "beautiful." Anshula re-shared the post and said, "I love you so much". Take a look. 

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'I never understood that I can show myself the grace' 

In a long note, Anshula Kapoor shared that she never understood that she can show herself the grace she showed others. She further mentioned how it's easier to point out negatives instead of positives and said, "I never understood that I can show myself the grace I am able to show others, that I can and should love who I am regardless of what I look like in a pair of pants or in the mirror. That my hair is beautifully wild with a unique story of its own, my skin has grown and stretched to make sure it can carry me through every phase of life."

"I never saw the lips that could speak words of love and courage. Why is it always easier to see the negatives instead of the positives? At what point do we begin to change that? I think I quiet like this side of me that allows myself to celebrate every part of me that may never be “conventional”, but it all comes together to make me uniquely ME," she concluded. 

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