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Tom Holland Birthday Quiz: Guess The Movie With The Character Description

Tom Holland has a plethora of films in his portfolio, some of which many people may not know about. Take this quiz to see if you know the films he has acted in.

Tom Holland


Tom Holland quickly gained the status of Hollywood’s heartthrob and managed to join the leagues of some of the most seasoned actors in the industry. While Tom Holland is primarily recognised for his part in the MCU, those are not the only films he has been a part of. On Tom Holland’s birthday, take the quiz to see if you can guess the name of his movie, based on the description of his character.

Tom Holland's Quiz

1.       In this movie, Tom Holland plays Jack, the son of Charlie Hunnam's protagonist, and he goes with his dad to find a lost city in the Amazon. 

a.       The Devil All The Time

b.       How I Live Now

c.       The Lost City Of Z

d.       The Current War: Director's Cut


2.       Tom Holland collaborated with Will Smith in this film about a spy turning into a pigeon.

a.       Spies In Disguise

b.       How I Live Now

c.       I Spy

d.       Captain America


3.       Tom Holland stars in this film alongside Chris Hemsworth in an adaptation of Moby Dick.

a.       The Devil All The Time

b.       If I Stay

c.       Spies In Disguise

d.       In the Heart Of The Sea


4.       Tom Holland plays Arvin, a character who is haunted by his past and has to see everything he has done go wrong.

a.       The Devil All The Time

b.       The Sands Of Time

c.       In The Heart Of The Sea

d.       The Loss Of Faith


5.       Tom Holland stars alongside Chris Pratt in this Pixar film about two brothers.

a.       Dungeons and Dragons

b.       Middle Earth

c.       Spies In Disguise

d.       Onward


6.       Tom Holland stars as a child actor in this film about a family torn apart by a tsunami in Thailand.

a.       The Impossible

b.       The Broken

c.       The Terminable

d.       The Mother


7.       In this film, Tom Holland is not seen but heard on a phone call. The protagonist is essayed by Tom Hardy.

a.       Locke

b.       The Journey

c.       Broken

d.       Run


8.       In this film about a typical teen romance turned into a nuclear war film, Holland plays the part of the protagonist’s love interest's brother.

a.       The Heart

b.       The War

c.       How To Survive

d.       How I Live Now


9.       This is one of Tom Holland’s movies that helped him gain fame as the friendly neighbourhood superhero.

a.       Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

b.       The Amazing Spider-Man

c.       Spider-Man: Homecoming

d.       Spider-Man: Far From Home


10.   In this movie, Tom Holland enters into a spaceship with Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch.

a.       The Avengers

b.       Avengers: Age Of Ultron

c.       Avengers: Infinity War

d.       Avengers: Endgame



1.       The Lost City Of Oz

2.       Spies In Disguise

3.       In The Heart Of The Sea

4.       Onward

5.       The Devil All The Time

6.       The Impossible

7.       Locke

8.       How I Live Now

9.       Spiderman: Far From Home

10.   Avengers: Infinity War


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