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BTS' ARMY Celebrates The Seventh BTS ARMY Day By Creating A New Song Titled '7 Reasons'

Today, July 09, 2020, is the seventh BTS ARMY Day. On this day, seven years ago, BTS' ARMY received its name after a popular fan vote on social media.


Today, July 9, 2020, is the seven-year anniversary of the BTS ARMY, also called BTS ARMY Day. Seven years ago, on this same day, BTS chose the name of their fanbase. In 2013, after holding a fan vote, BTS announced the name of their fandom as the ARMY. The revealed that the full form of the ARMY was "Adorable Representatives and MCs for Youth". On this day, fans of BTS celebrate the origin of their fandom name and also enjoy some amazing music by BTS. 

Here is how BTS fans celebrate the BTS ARMY Day

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On July 9 each year, the BTS ARMY (BTS' fanbase) celebrate the BTS ARMY Day. Fans celebrate the joy, happiness, and positivity of being the BTS ARMY. Below is the tweet where BTS first told their fans that their new name was BTS ARMY. 

This is the seventh year that BTS fans are celebrating the BTS ARMY Day. Fans start celebrating BTS ARMY Day two days before July 09. On July 07, members of the BTS ARMY change their home screen gradient purple and post their new wallpaper on Weverse. Then a day later, on July 08, members of the BTS ARMY draw the ARMY logo on their arm and post the image of their tattoo on Weverse or Twitter. They also share the pictures with #BTSARMYFOREVER and #ARMYDAY. 

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To celebrate BTS ARMY Day, fans take to social media and share their experience with the beloved Korean band. On July 09, some fans share what they learnt from BTS band members and reveal details of how BTS affected their personal life. As this year is the seventh anniversary of the BTS ARMY, fans are creating a new song titled 7 Reasons. The song was supposed to release on July 9, at 12.00 am KST. After a slight delay due to technical issues, the song was released on Youtube. 

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The ARMY also share BTS quizzes and share trivia about their favourite band. Fans also share Selca pictures, which are selfies that mimic popular poses from BTS band members. Below are some fans who are celebrating BTS ARMY Day on social media. 

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