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Actress And Author Harjeet Kaur Inspiring Youth With Her Show-biz Experiences

Apparently looking at the self-made story in the show biz, this influencer is receiving invitations as a motivational speaker.

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Harjeet Kaur

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Ajmer-born, Harjeet Kaur, is known for breaking barriers and bold thinking, finally motivating youngsters to make their way. Ajmer, Rajasthan: Youngest Hindi poet, Harjeet Kaur, got her fame after appearing in Zee’s Music ‘Zindagi’ and penning down the ‘Bas Jazbadon Ke Alfaz’. Apparently looking at the self-made story in the show biz, this influencer is receiving invitations as a motivational speaker.

Belonging to a tier-2 city in Rajasthan, for Ms Kaur, every day was a struggle when she decided to step into the show biz. Family restrictions, social stereotypes and gender barriers were her everyday enemies. Learning lessons from encompassing, Harjeet Kaur mentioned, “I have lived life my way and learned that you have to be your own priority.” “ If I die today there will be a smile on my face because I stood strong and made my decisions living the life I wanted,” she added.

Recalling back, she expressed, “We all have our own struggle story that makes us who we are, but what is most important is that we never let others take control and make decisions for ourselves.” “I was also a people-pleasing person like most of us yet received taunts but later, I taught myself to be the voice within and stand bold for myself and my dreams and trust me, as time passes, things get better, and cheers from your loved ones will fade all the bully noises,” she added.

Writing another page in the profession, Beauty with Brain has received various invitations to conduct nearby seminars. Starting her sequence of workshops in late March this year, Harjeet Kaur got the next few months booked for the same Elaborating seminars, Harjeet Kaur stated, “ Youngsters these days are well exposed to the globe digitally, but when it comes to living the life they watch every day on the internet, things are not easy as they seem, so I would prefer to give all my quality time conducting seminars focusing one batch at a time.

“For now we are going first for the colleges then schools and other institutes,” she added. When asked about the best advice she can give, Harjeet Kaur quotes, “You have to be bold enough to stand for what you think is right and don’t let the situation numb you.” Soon after completing her sessions, Harjeet Kaur looks forward to a few South Indian album agreements. Though the details are not disclosed now, other than that rising social media influencer is receiving unconditional love on her Instagram Id @the_harjeetkaur.


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