FRIENDS: 25 Years Have Passed, Were Ross And Rachel On A Break?


Friends: 25 years have passed since its inception, but the question still stays. Were Ross and Rachel on a break? Which side are you on? Read more for details.

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Were they on a break? This has to be the most controversial question that created a rift amongst Friends fans. Recently, Friends completed its 25 years on September 22, 2019, and we couldn't help but reminisce about the favourite sitcom of the 90s. It has been 25 years now and fans still can't come to a conclusion whether Ross and Rachel were on a break or not. We are referring to the time when Ross and Rachel had a fight on "The One Where Ross and Rachel Take A Break," episode which aired on February 13, 1997.  The main reason for the fight was Ross's possessive nature, which was a little too much to handle for Rachel, who was revelling in her dream job at Bloomingdale's.

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The uncertainty about Ross and Rachel's break

After Ross and Rachel fought in the episode, Rachel said that she needed a break, to which Ross assumed that she wanted to break up. Later, Ross sitting a bar sulking about their fight, while Rachel is at her apartment feeling the same. Coincidentally, Mark (the guy Ross was jealous of) invited himself over to Rachel's place for some Chinese dinner while Rachel was on the phone with Ross. Ross heard Mark's voice on the phone and hung up the call, thinking that Rachel invited him after their fight. So what did the jealous Ross do next? He immediately thought that Mark and Rachel were hitting it off and later hooked up with a girl at the bar. The next day when Rachel found out about this, Ross had only one thing to say, "We were on a break."

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25 years later, do we have an answer?

It is obvious that there are two sides amongst the Friends fandom. One side says that Ross was guilty and the other side says that Rachel was at fault and that 'they were on a break.' The Ross supporters believe that Rachel clearly indicated that she needed a break, which is why Ross thought that she wanted to break up. The Rachel supporters say that just because you had a fight, it doesn't mean that you can sleep with someone else. We will definitely never know the answer to this because technically Rachel said that she needed a break but does it mean that whatever happens during the break is allowed? The answer depends on one's perspective, so you can never find a unified vote on this one. 

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