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Barrister Babu May 7 2021 Written Update: Mami Hires Man To Abduct Bondhita

In Barrister Babu May 7 2021 episode, Bondhita is abducted by a man sent by Mami and Anirudh learns that Bondhita is kidnapped. Read ahead for more.

barrister babu may 7 2021


In Barrister Babu may 7 2021 episode, Anirudh and Bihari remove all the posters from the village. Bihari then informs Anirudh that Trilochan had fallen sick and is refusing to eat food. He tells Anirudh that Trilochan has fever already and won't listen to anyone. Bihari suggests Anirudh call Bondhita and ask her to speak to Trilochan. Anirudh calls Bondhita's hostel and informs the lady to calls Bondhita since Trilochan has fallen ill. Bondhita waits for the call while Mami sends a man to get Bondhita back home because Trilochan has fallen sick. 

Barrister Babu 7 May 2021 written update

Barrister Babu written update: Bondhita waits for Anirudh's call when a man sent by Mami arrives and asks her to come home with her. She asks the reason and he mentions that Trilochan has fallen sick. Bondhita says Anirudh would never call her home for such a small reason. She says she won't leave until she speaks to Anirudh. Later the lady mentions that Anirudh had called and told her about Trilochan's health. Bondhita is about to leave when Anirudh calls the hostel again. Bondhita picks up the call to talk to him but Mami cuts the wire. 

Later, Bondhita leaves with the man and Anirudh calls on the other number of the hostel. The lady informs that Bondhita left with a man Anirudh sent. Anirudh denies sending anyone to pick Bondhita and leaves for the hostel. Trilochan and Anirudh argue over who will go and pick Bondhita from her hostel. Anirudh promises Trilochan to get Bondhita back home. Meanwhile, Bondhita realises that the man has taken the wrong route and she finds something fishy. She turns around to go back to the hostel when Mami knocks her on the head and she falls unconscious. 

Mami hides Bondhita so no one can see her and removes the gold chain from her neck. She rewards the man with the gold chain and asks him to leave. Meanwhile, Anirudh reaches the hostel and asks about Bondhita. He rushes out to search for her while a woman comes and asks about Bondhita. The lady says Anirudh has gone to search for Bondhita, and he's the same man who put her in trouble in the first place. 


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