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Kundali Bhagya 26 April 2021 Written Update: Karan Mends Bridges With Preeta

'Kundali Bhagya' is a television daily soap aired on Zee TV & produced by Balaji Telefilms. Read on to know Kundali Bhagya written update for April 26.

Karan and Preeta in Kundali Bhagya, Source: Stills from Kundali Bhagya promo

In Image: Karan and Preeta in Kundali Bhagya, Source: Stills from Kundali Bhagya promo

Kundali Bhagya April 26 episode is filled with emotional turmoil among the Luthra family members after Preeta goes to jail. Kritika apologizes to Rakhi and Kareena and is battling her feelings knowing her beloved sister-in-law is in jail because of her. Sameer and Srishti follow Mahira who is going to meet her blackmailer, while Karan visits Preeta in jail.

Kundali Bhagya 26 April 2021 written update

Kundali Bhagya latest episode starts with Kritika crying and blaming herself for everything. Raakhi consoles her while Karan leaves the house. Kritika apologizes to Rakhi and Kareena and Sarla hugs her when she asks her for forgiveness. Kareena joins her hands to apologize to Sarla and Kritika runs towards her room crying and Kareena follows her. When Sarla wonders where Karan went, Rakhi says he must have gone to meet Preeta. Rakhi offers Sarla a beverage but she refuses by saying she is already doing enough to support Preeta and Rakhi assures her that Preeta will be released soon. After Sarla leaves, Rakhi notices Pammi upstairs. She requests Pammi to not reveal anything about the ongoings in the house to the outside world. Pammi says she understands this and she is lucky to have a daughter-in-law like Pammi and if Shreyal too would become like her then their home will become a perfect place. Shreyal, who is standing right behind, is offended listening to words.

Pammi talks to Shreyal about the stolen necklace

Later when Shreyal walks into the kitchen, she talks to herself aloud that she has to do all the household chores because Preeta is not there. Pammi listens to her and offers to do the chores. Shreyal says she thought she came to her regarding the necklace. Pammi says she found the necklace in the hall and Shreyal recalls hiding it hastily on the table when Sarla arrived in the living room. Pammi says since she is pregnant, she should rest but before she leaves, she tells her she is glad she is not a good daughter-in-law like Preeta or else she would have been very jealous of Rakhi who already has a big house and loving family.

Sameer and Srishti follow Mahira's car

Meanwhile, Sameer and Srishti follow Mahira wondering if she is involved in Akshay's murder. Mahira suspects something is wrong with the blackmailer since he is going to be half an hour late and thinks he could blackmail only Prithvi other than her. Mahira's tyre gets punctured and she stops halfway. Sameer says they found the blackmailer's address, which somewhere near Chembur, and they should wait for her there or else she could suspect them.  Mahira spots Prithvi in the car and asks for his help. Prithvi is reluctant at first but Mahira convinces him to help.

Karan visits Preeta in jail

Preeta is happy seeing Karan who has come to visit her but he starts scolding her. He asks her why did she hide everything from him and she says his anger is justified and apologises. Karan says she understands his anger but not how much she means to him and how much he loves her. Karan says he should have rather been angry with himself and says he should have done something to himself and Preeta stops him and requests him to not say things like that. They hug each other tightly crying and Karan kisses her on the forehead.

Meanwhile, Kareena asks Kritika to open her door while Kritika is crying in her room. Rakhi arrives and says they won't leave until she opens the door. Kritika opens the door and hugs Kareena. Rakhi says she thought they were resolving things upstairs but instead she had shut her door and tells her she should know Preeta really loves her. Kritika says she knows and has treated her like a younger sister and she has done things for her no one else would do.

Preeta asks Karan how could he say that she does know how much he cares for her and says she knows he was the one who sent the pink pillow. He asks her how did she know since he asked the guy to tell his mom sent him but Preeta says she knows him well and he sent the pillow thinking she could not sleep well without it. She also reveals that she knew he was the one who sent chocolate falooda. Karan is shocked and she says his care lies in the essence of their relationship and she could tell it was all him. Karan apologises to her but she says all of this is her fault and says sorry. Karan jokingly asks her to repeat she was sorry again and again and Preeta hits him lovingly and he hugs her saying he missed her.

Promo Image Source: Stills from Kundali Bhagya promo



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