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Sona Mohapatra Targets Shehnaaz Gill Yet Again; Here's Why

Sona Mohapatra has shared a barrage of tweets speaking out against Shehnaaz Gill over her support of director Sajid Khan.

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Singer Sona Mohapatra has been speaking out against the likes of Sajid Khan, Kailash Kher and more since 2018. Now, Sona Mohapatra has spoken out against actor Shehnaaz Gill in a series of tweets. Mohapatra’s barrage of attacks on Shehnaaz Gill comes from her support of Sajid Khan during Bigg Boss 16. Here’s everything Sona Mohapatra has said against Shehnaaz Gill, and what she’s said against Sajid Khan. 

Sona Mohapatra attacks Shehnaaz Gill on Twitter 

Recently, Sona Mohapatra responded to a video from a fan who criticised her tweets against Shehnaaz Gill. While the fan said that her tweets attack another woman despite her feminism, she retorted by saying that her version of feminism is nuanced. She also implied that it’s “paid PR” from Shehnaaz Gill. 

She also took a dig at Gill and implored women to pursue training for the talent they want to show off. Mohapatra said that “sucking up” to men of success, using paid PR, and social media is not “success.” 

The singer took to Twitter in order to criticise Shehnaaz Gill after the latter trended on the social media platform. Shehnaaz Gill received praise from many after she delayed her performance at an award show so it wouldn’t coincide with the azan prayer. Mohapatra tweeted that everyone is lauding Gill, though she can only remember how the latter praised Sajid Khan on National TV during Big Boss 16

Mohapatra is referring to a video of Shehnaaz Gill appearing on Big Boss 16 supporting Sajid Khan. 

In the tweet, she also called Sajid Khan a “multiple accused sex offender and pervert.” She followed up the tweet by asking about Shehnaaz Gill’s talents. Mohapatra said that “women of convenience” don’t want to fight for good roles or money. 

When Sona Mohapatra first criticised Sajid Khan

Sona Mohapatra made a tweet in October 2022 while responding to another Twitter user noting all the allegations against Sajid Khan. She noted that Anu Malik and Kailash Kher both received opportunities on television despite the allegations against them. The singer added that TV channels in India and “executives are indeed a depraved and sad lot.” 

Initially, at the height of the Me Too movement in 2018, Sona Mohapatra made accusations of sexual misconduct against singer Kailash Kher and composer Anu Malik. 

Sona Mohapatra is known for songs like Ambarsariya and Bahara. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz Gill rose to fame after her participation in Bigg Boss.

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