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Actor-director Shalin Zoya opens up on facing bias and discrimination on movie sets

Actor Shalin Zoya revealed the kinds of discrimination that she has had to face on movie sets. Read on to know about her experience.

Reported by: Bhavna Gandikota
Source: Shalin Zoya | Image:self

In an interview with Behindwoods Ice, actor Shalin Zoya said that there were several instances where she was discriminated against. She implied that this is mostly between directors and actors who are not stars as per conventional standards. The Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala actor said that there have been times when she asked for the special menu that the director had gotten, and she was refused the menu. Shalin Zoya then said that this bias becomes very evident when it comes to food. She then added saying that Chicken or special items are given to the director only. The actor then said that the bias hurts even those who are not exactly emotionally sensitive. 

Shalin Zoya's Interview with Behindwoods

In an interview with Behindwoods on March 18, 2020, Shalin Zoya opened up about several aspects of her life. Upon being asked if she was ever ragged on any film sets, she said that there was no ragging as such, but there is a lot of bias between actors and directors. Sharing her experience on a film set, she said that those who were a part of the movie that she did not name would understand what she was saying. She then went on to talk about how she was never given the same food that the director gets. She even added that there were times when tea was served in different sorts of glasses. She then said that it was good that she saw how deliberately biased the director was. 

A little about Shalin Zoya 

Shalin Zoya was born in Malappuram, and her mother was a dance teacher who encouraged her to take up an acting career. She made her debut as a child artist in the movie Quotation and the TV Series Mizhi Thurakkumbol on Surya TV. She even went on to host shows like Just for Kids on Kiran TV. She made her directorial debut with the Malayalam movie Revelation. Her latest directorial venture was a short film in English called Ruhaani, where she played a role too. She was also seen in the Malayalam movie Dhamaka which released in 2020.



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