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Oppenhiemer's Cillian Murphy felicitated by Robert Downey Jr with the Desert Palm Achievement Award

Cillian Murphy recieves Desert Palm Achievement Award from Robert Downey Jr for his performance in Oppenhiemer.

Robert Downey Jr and Cillian Murphy | Image:Instagram

The 35th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards was concluded. Cillian Murphy was bestowed with the prestigious Desert Palm Achievement Award for his riveting performance in Oppenheimer. The film is directed by Christopher Nolan. The ceremony was held on January 4, at the Palm Springs Convention Center in California.

Robert Downey Jr and  Cillian Murphy | Instagram

Tribute from a Co-star

The award was presented by Robert Downey Jr., who is also Murphy's co-star Oppenheimer. Robert played Lewis Strauss in the biopic, playfully got down on one knee as he placed the handwritten note on his friend's chest.  Even though his tribute was unscripted, Downey captivated the crowd with his emotional words about Cillian Murphy. 

Downey emphasized Murphy's standing as an industry outlier, an actor actor for more than two decades adding that no one dislikes him which he called a rare achievement in Hollywood. 


“His character work and his onscreen intensity never fail. Captain captivating, it’s fucking titillating," Downey added.

When it was Murphy's turn to speak, the actor thanked and praised Downey for being one of the kindest, most compassionate, generous, and funny people he has ever worked with apart from Robert Downey Jr.'s acting prowess. 

Murphy reminisced on getting the script for Oppenheimer, seeing it as a once-in-a-lifetime chance. In conclusion, Cillian Murphy expressed gratitude for the one chance provided by Oppenheimer.


Murphy's performance in Oppenheimer

Murphy's portrayal of J Robert Oppenheimer, the historical figure central to the creation of the atomic bomb. His performances were both intense and restrained, masterfully carrying the narrative of the film. 


Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards 

Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards is celebrated as a successful year for cinema, recognising talented individuals who have contributed significantly to it. Emma Stone, Greta Gerwig, Billie Eilish, Martin Scorsese, Carey Mulligan, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, and Danielle Brooks are among the notable recipients.


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