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Adhyayan Suman Reveals Ajay Devgn Helped Him Bag His Debut Film, Shekhar Says 'Debut Nahi Dabba'

Adhyayan Suman opened up about his debut movie Haal-E-Dil (2008) and called it a mistake. He also recalled his father advising him not to star in the film.

Adhyayan Suman | Image:Adhyayan Suman/instagram

Adhyayan Suman made his debut with the 2008 film Haal-E-Dil. The actor, in a new interview, recalled being overweight and therefore wanted to become a director and not an actor. He recollected how Ajay Devgn played a pivotal role in his maiden film. 

Adhyayan Suman recalls being overweight for his first film 

In an interview with Mashable India, Adhyayan Suman opened up about his debut movie. He shared that he had no plans to make an acting debut and only wanted to direct. He recollected gaining 135 kilos and being overweight. Therefore, he wished to become a director and not an actor. 


A file photo of Adhyayan Suman | Image: IMDb

He recalled meeting Ajay Devgn while he was planning to become a director and had returned from the New York Film Academy. He said, “I somehow managed to start losing weight, and once, when I was in a hair salon, Ajay Devgn spotted me, and he called Kumar Mangat (producer of his first film).” However, the actor shared that his father Shekhar Suman was onboard with him making his debut in the film and wanted him to wait for a better chance. 

Woh dabba tha, debut nahi, says Shekhar Suman on son Adhyayan’s first film 

In the same conversation, Adhyayan reasoned why his father was not on-board him to star in Haal-E-Dil. He recalled his father saying, “I don’t think this is the right launch for you,” and even advised him to not come to him and ‘cry’, if things go haywire. However, the actor, who will be seen next in Heeramandi, noted that he was ‘impatient’ and ignored his father’s advice. 


A file photo of Adhyayan and Shekhar Suman | Image: Instagram 

The movie released in 2008 and was directed by Ajay Devgn’s cousin Anil Devgn. Along with Adhyayan, the film also starrer Amita Pathak and Nakuul Mehta. Adhyayan admitted that doing the film was a ‘mistake’ recalling’ that he only featured in 4 scenes and 2 songs in the movie. His father Shekhar chimed in and shared, “Woh dabba tha, debut nahi.” (It was a blunder, not a debut).” Both Shekhar and Adhayayan will be next seenw in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s directorial Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar slated to release on Netflix on May 1. 



Published April 28th, 2024 at 10:21 IST