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Anupam Kher Says He Will 'Continue To Do Smaller Roles' As He Opens Up About Facing Rejections

Anupam Kher, in a new interview, has opened up about dealing with rejections. The actor shared that he is ready to feature in smaller roles in films.

Anupam Kher | Image:Instagram

Anupam Kher boasts a rich filmography with more than 500 national and international movies in several languages. In a new interview, he talks about facing rejections. He also shared how he has sustained in the industry for more than four decades now. 

Anupam Kher on facing rejections

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Anupam Kher was asked how he dealt with rejections and failure in his career. The actor stated, “Abhi bhi milte hai (I still face rejections).” He also shared that he often settles to do smaller roles and would do even smaller roles too.

A file photo of Anupam Kher | Image: IMDb

Anupam Kher said, “They don’t have the guts to reject me!” Kher added, “I don’t suit their character, or they can’t give me the amount that I am asking for. Or they are trying me. I have done smaller roles and continue to do so.” He also added that he does not like to take himself seriously. He added, “The idea is not to take yourself seriously and enjoy the journey. Don’t worry about the destination.” 


Anupam Kher recalls auditioning for Gandhi 

In the same conversation, Anupam Kher also recalled dubbing for Gandhi for a day after not bagging a role in the movie. The Kashmir Files actor said, ”I went for that rose, dressed as Nehru, and when I went to his office, director and producer Richard Attenborough was telling Roshan Seth (by keeping his hand on the latter’s shoulder) ‘I’m so happy to meet you, Roshan.’ So, I told Dolly that you told me to audition for this part. But nothing happened.” As per reports, Kher was offered the role of Jawaharlal Nehru in the 1982 biopic Gandhi. 

A file photo of Anupam Kher | Image: Instagram 

He also recalled dubbing for one scene in the movie for which he was paid ₹3000 back in the day. Gandhi was released in 1982 and was a biographical account of the national leader. The film went on to win Academy Awards.


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