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Asha Bhosle To Celebrate The Milestone Of Turning 90 With A Grand Concert In Mumbai

Veteran singer Asha Bhosle is all set to hold a grand concert named 'Woh Phir Nahin Aati Hai' in Mumbai to celebrate her 90th birthday.

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Renowned singer Asha Bhosle, whose musical journey began at the tender age of 10, is set to celebrate her 90th birthday yet again with a grand concert on March 9. Despite nearly eight decades in the industry, Bhosle maintains strong vocal skills and holds the ability to effortlessly deliver 18 songs consecutively.

Asha Bhosle announces her mega concert in Mumbai

During a recent press conference, Bhosle expressed her gratitude towards her fans and announced her intentions to tour Maharashtra extensively with her show titled 'Woh Phir Nahin Aati Hai' (She Won't Return Again). Reflecting on her career, she humbly acknowledged the privilege of being accepted by audiences.



She said, “If I will live more, I will go almost everywhere in Maharashtra and do shows. The name of my show is Woh Phir Nahin Aati Hai. I will also not come again… You should never regret that you haven’t seen that person. People say we did not see Kishore Kumar and other singers (perform). But now you can say we have seen Asha Bhosle.”


Bhosle added, “I got the name and fame, people started recognising me. Even when I am not working, I keep singing. I keep practising. I never left singing, that’s why my voice is okay even today.”

How does Bhosle refine her vocals even at 90?

Bhosle attributes her enduring vocal quality to consistent practice and equates it to maintaining physical health. She revealed her built-in motivation for practising and expressed, “I don’t practise for others. I practise for myself because I like it. I sang my first song when I was 10 years old and it’s been 80 years. I want to thank you all. (I don’t know) how you have tolerated my voice for 80 years? I almost sing 18 songs at this age. I am always on stage.”



With a career spanning over 12,000 songs across various languages, from lively hits like Piya Tu Ab To Aaja to classic melodies such as Dil Cheez Kya Hai, Bhosle's contribution to music is unparalleled.


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