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Avinash Tiwary On Laila Majnu Box Office Failure: 3 Years Of Hard Work Disappeared In 3 Days

Avinash Tiwary recently revealed how happy he was to be the star of Laila Majnu and how everything fell apart when the movie failed at the box office.

Avinash Tiwary | Image:Instagram

Avinash Tiwary has become a powerful performer after a difficult beginning to his career with the box office disaster of Laila Majnu. He is expected to wow viewers in 2024 with Kunal Kemmu directorial Madgaon Express. In a recent interview, Avinash talked about the tough phase he went through after the failure of his debut film. 

Avinash Tiwary on Laila Majnu’s box office failure

In a conversation with Humans Of Bombay, Avinash revealed how happy he was to be the star of Laila Majnu and how everything fell apart when the movie didn't pan out the way he wanted. The actor said, “Laila Majnu is such a great folklore of our country, and I have this memory of the third day (of release), the posters were being pulled down. I had given three years to that film, and I didn’t know how I should take it. After three years of hard work with these people, the film disappeared on the third day. So, what else will I say to myself? There was no end to this.” 

As he thought back on the fallout from the movie's failure, Avinash remembered the mocking comments made by relatives who questioned the longevity of his career. But in the middle of all of this, Avinash found comfort in his parents' steadfast support. Even with the losses, his father's words of support gave him hope when he needed it most during his career's low points. 


My father’s words helped me, says Avinash Tiwary

The actor's persistence paid off as he gradually established himself in the business. In spite of the initial disappointment, Laila Majnu developed a cult following over time, which helped Tiwary gain more respect from movie buffs. Avinash claimed to be aware of Laila Majnu's cult following, despite its lack of economic success.



Avinash shared the screen with Triptii Dimri in Sajid Ali-directed Laila Majnu. The film follows two lovers, Qais and Laila, from Kashmir, who are unable to unite as they face opposition from their families. However, when fate intervenes, Laila gets married to another guy while Qais goes to London.


Published March 3rd, 2024 at 18:15 IST