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Badhaai Ho Director Amit Sharma Addresses Comparisons With Brijendra Kala Starrer Good Luck

Badhaai Ho director Amit Sharma has cleared the air around the comparisons with Brijendra Kala starrer Good Luck and even wished luck to the team.

Prakhar Shrivastava with Amit Sharma. | Image:Instagram

Director Prakhar Shrivastava is gearing up for the release of their upcoming movie Good Luck. Since the release of the trailer, audiences have been comparing the film to Ayushmann Khurrana and Neena Gupta starrer Badhaai Ho. However, now director Amit Sharma has cleared the air around the comparison and even wished luck to the team.

Good Luck gets Badhaai Ho from Amit Sharma

Badhaai Ho director Amit Sharma has addressed comparisons between his movie and the upcoming movie starring Brijendra Kala. The makers of Good Luck have shared a joint post on Instagram posing with Amit. The carousel post also has a video in which Amit can be seen lauding the directors after watching the trailer. He can be heard saying, "I recently saw the trailer, and I don't believe there's any resemblance to Badhai Ho. Good Luck tackles a very different subject and offers a fresh perspective that isn't set in the same universe as Badhaai Ho."

"GOODLUCK getting badhaai ho from everyone, Amit Sharma director of badhaai ho tells how GoodLuck brings something different to the screens! Watch for yourself! Goodluck releasing on 5th April," read the caption.


While both Badhaai Ho and Good Luck feature storylines involving an elderly woman's unexpected pregnancy, the makers of Good Luck promise an unexpected twist that will leave a lasting impression. The film is said to be a satirical commentary on today's social media-obsessed society.


What else do know about Good Luck?

Last month, the makers unveiled the trailer which presents a story of a 75-year-old woman's unexpected pregnancy. This unique situation becomes complicated as it coincides with her son Pappi's rising political ambitions. The film also offers a sharp social commentary on our social media-obsessed world, laced with a touch of suspense that promises a lasting impression.


Speaking about the film, Brijendra Kala has earlier shared, "The primary reason I was drawn to this film, beyond its sheer appeal, was the powerful yet subtle social message it delivers through satire. Ultimately, the film conveys a powerful message about the importance of caring for our elders and spending quality time with them, especially in the age of social media.”


The film also stars Manisha Chitrode, Azad Jain, Tulika Banerjee, Ashutosh Upadhyay, Pannkaj Waagle, Sagar Shende, Ayushi Shukla, Keshav Sharma, Bhushan Jain and Virendra Nathaniel. It will release on April 5 in the theatres.


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