Updated December 19th, 2023 at 23:50 IST

Boman Irani takes part in unpaid writers' debate: Ready to pay ₹5 crores but is your script worthy?

Boman Irani says it is true that writers are not paid well, but are their scripts worthy enough? He claimed that the writers don't deliver a tight script.

Boman Irani | Image:IMDb

Bollywood veteran actor Boman Irani recently took part in one of the biggest debate across the world about the unpaid writers. The topic came in discussion after the writers guild in Hollywood halted all work and went on a strike demanding increase in pay and improvement in the work environment. Just recently the strike was ended after their demands were met. In the case of Indian film indsutry, there are very few writers who are recognised and counted as an important part of the filmmaking pprocess, here's what Boman Irani has to say about the writers' ordeal. And it is some what 'controversial'.

You have to become worthy: Boman Irani to writers

In a recent interview with Jist Unscripted, the Bollywood veteran opened up about the writers' issues and said, “I am going to make a bit of a controversial statement. It is said writers are not getting their due. Yes, they are not. Writers are not paid enough. Yes, they are not. But you have to become worthy. Good writing should become so common that we can’t operate without these guys. You should become worthy. There are fantastic writers but they are few. When you say we are not getting our due… you have to write well. If you give me a watertight script, everything goes well. Even an average director will make a good film if you have a good script. So, the writers become the hero.”

The Uunchai actor added, " “I am ready to give Rs 5 crore to a writer. But is your script worthy enough of Rs 5 crore? You have to become of that value. Writing is the most difficult department in filmmaking. There are so many different variables in writing that’s maddening. But if you write a good script, you become the hero of the film. It makes the work of the actor easy. He just has to go there, stand, and deliver. It doesn’t come easily. One has to practice like a singer or a musician. They just don’t show up and say, ‘Yes, I will sing.’ They practice. Ask Shreya or Shankar Mahadevan."

Boman Irani says writers don't practice, they get frustrated

In the same interview, the Munna Bhai MBBS actor added, "Writers have to practice, but the problem is that they get frustrated. Indeed, they are not treated well. You have to pay them well. Give them time and respect them. At the same time, writers should also keep their craft good.”

Boman Irani was last seen in the Sooraj Barjatya film Uunchai, also starring actors Danny Denzongpa, Anupam Kher and Amitabh Bachchan in the lead roles. The actor will be next seen in the Rajkumar Hirani's film Dunki, which is set to hit the theaters on December 21.


Published December 19th, 2023 at 23:50 IST