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Chandu Champion: Kartik Aaryan Opens Up About How He Prepared For Murlikant Petkar's Character

Kartik Aaryan revealed that he had to leave chocolates and work hard to look like an athlete in his upcoming movie Chandu Champion.

kartik aaryan | Image:Instagram

Kartik Aaryan is gearing up for the release of his upcoming biographical drama Chandu Champion. As the release date is nearing, he is busy with the promotional event. Speaking of which, in a recent interview, the actor got candid about the making of the film and how he prepared for the role.

I have to work hard to look like an athlete: Kartik Aaryan

As reported by ANI, Kartik and Chandu Champion director Kabir Khan interacted with the media. Speaking to them Kartik spoke in detail about how he got into the shape. The actor revealed that he had to leave a lot of chocolate and work hard just to look like an athlete.  "I had to reduce a lot of weight. This is a very inspiring story and has to put a lot of effort and learn many things to portray the character perfectly in the film," added.

Praising Kartik, Kabir Khan backed by giving an example. He shared that there was a sequence of the watch in the film which is eight minutes long. It's shot in a single take without any cut. "It required a lot of training. Kartik had to rehearse with 200-300 soldiers. He also had to rehearse at 10,000 feet height in Aru valley, Kashmir," he added.


Kabir Khan reveals how he came up with the idea to make a movie on Murlikant Petkar

Earlier in an interview, Khan shared that the movie is based on the story of Murlikant Petkar. He came across Murlikant's story by chance. Someone gave him an old article and asked if he had read the story. On reading the article, Khan shared that his first reaction was that it couldn't be true--so many things happening in such a dramatic way in one person's life seemed impossible to him.


"And if it was true, it was hard to believe that we didn't know about him. If he was such a big hero, how could we not know him? That's where it started, and it also took us a long time to find him. No one knew where he was because he was truly an unsung hero. A few months later, when we finally found him, there was no stopping us," the director added.

Chandu Champion is slated to release in theatres on June 14.


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