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DYK Shraddha Kapoor Was Banned From A Production House After She Chose Aashiqui 2 Over THIS Movie?

Unknown to many, actress Shraddha Kapoor was once banned by a production house because she chose to do Aashiqui 2 over a film titled Aurangzeb.

Shraddha Kapoor | Image:instagram

Shraddha Kapoor is celebrating her 37th birthday today. The actress made her debut with 2010’s Teen Patti and has emerged as one of the most likeable stars of showbiz. At the beginning of her career itself, Kapoor signed a three-movie deal with Yash Raj Films but unfortunately broke the contract later.

Why was Shraddha banned by a production house?

Known for some fine performances, Kapoor's association with YRF has come under scrutiny. Initially contracted for three films with the production house, Kapoor starred in Luv Ka The End as part of this agreement. However, she breached the contract by opting to feature in Aashiqui 2 instead of fulfilling her obligation to YRF.



Sources back then revealed that Kapoor's decision to prioritise Aashiqui 2 over YRF's proposed project Aurangzeb led to the dissolution of her contract with the production house. Consequently, Yash Raj Films refrained from casting Kapoor in any subsequent projects and sparked speculation about strained relations between Kapoor and YRF's head Aditya Chopra.


Further fueling the rumours of the rift, Kapoor reportedly declined an offer to play a character originally intended for Katrina Kaif in the film Thugs of Hindustan. Citing concerns over her role's significance in the storyline, Kapoor's refusal to accept the offer has been interpreted as another instance of her alleged fallout with Aditya Chopra.

Did you know Shraddha Kapoor was also banned by the media once?

The YRF is not the only ban the actress faced. During a 2014 success party for the film Ek Villain, paparazzi surprised Shraddha and her co-stars by boycotting her presence on stage. Director Mohit Suri and actors Riteish Deshmukh and Sidharth Malhotra were puzzled by the lack of photographs being taken.



The photographers, through Deshmukh, reportedly conveyed their refusal to click pictures as long as Kapoor remained on stage. Despite attempts to persuade them, the paparazzi stood firm and cited Kapoor's past behaviour of avoiding the press and covering her face during photo sessions.


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