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Is Dhadkan 2 In The Works? Director Dharmesh Darshan Addresses Possibility

Dhadkan, starring Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty and Suniel Shetty, released back in 2000. The Dharmesh Darshan directorial may just be gearing up for a sequel.

Dhadkan | Image:IMDb

Dhadkan proved to be quite the box office success, when it released back in August of 2000. Not just that, the film, too date, is among the more popular 2000 romance dramas, often revisited by fans. Director Dharmesh Darshan, who helmed the contemporary classic, recently opened up about the possibility of the film being up for a sequel.

Is Dhadkan 2 in the works?

In a recent interaction with Bollywood Hungama, Dharmesh Darshan, who helmed Dhadkan, addressed the possibility of a sequel for the hit 2000s romance drama being in the works. Not only did he promise the film's premise to represent contemporary values and mindset, to be a better fit for the audience in today's day and age - but also, a thorough reflection of how much he himself has evolved as a filmmaker over the decades. Though not directly, Darshan did end up confirming that if a Dhadkan 2 were to be made, he would be the one helming it.


As per a Pinkvilla report, he confirmed that Dhadkan 2 will be an "absolutely fresh take on modern cinema by a newly reinvented Dharmesh Sheela Darshan." While Darshan himself has been on a bit of a hiatus, he has not written off the possibility of returning to the director's seat. He added, "If cinema needs me, I will always be there, that too with age being still on my side and with my positivity."


What is Dhadkan about?

The primary trope in Dhadkan is that of a love triangle - unrequited on one end, but will multiple arches of redemption. The film features Akshay Kumar as Ram, Shilpa Shetty as Anjali and Suniel Shetty as Dev Chopra. Dev is a proud but financially backward man, hopelessly in love with Anjali who comes from a well-placed family. Though Anjali feels the same way about Dev, she is married off to Ram by her father, who believes he is a better fit for her.


Though Anjali has no interest in taking her relationship forward with Ram, his patience and love eventually win her over. However, around this time, Dev returns back into their lives - having built a fortune of his own. Dhadkan can be streamed for free on YouTube. 


Published May 16th, 2024 at 19:11 IST