Updated February 22nd, 2024 at 10:31 IST

Kangana Ranaut Lambasts 'Privileged Brat' Twinkle Khanna For Comparing Men With Plastic Bags

Twinkle Khanna infuriated Kangana Ranaut by drawing a comparison between men and polythene bags. In response, she called Twinkle a privileged brat.

Kangana Ranaut and Twinkle Khanna | Image:Instagram

Twinkle Khanna, actress turned author and wife of Akshay Kumar, is well known for her clever remarks in interviews and on social media. However, this time, the author infuriated actress Kangana Ranaut by drawing a comparison between men and polythene bags. The Emergency star called Twinkle a privileged brat and questioned her definition of feminism. 

Kangana Ranaut slams Twinkle Khanna for her views on feminism

At a December event, Twinkle joked about embracing feminism and shared her thoughts on men—even drawing a comparison between them and plastic bags. The former actress stated that she was raised by a single mother. She said, “It was very clear that there was absolutely no need for a man. It would be very nice to have a man, like you would have a nice handbag. But even if you had a plastic bag it would do”.

The joke did not go down well with Kangana. The actress came heavily on Twinkle for her views of feminism and called her out on her Instagram story. She penned, “What are these privileged brats who call their men polythene bags, are they trying to be cool? Nepo kids born with silver spoon, given film careers on golden platters, couldn’t do justice to that for sure, least they could do find some joy and fulfilment in selflessness of motherhood that also seems like a curse in their case what exactly do they want to be? Vegetables? Is that feminism?”



Twinkle Khanna on gender inequality 

Speaking at a FICCI event on gender equality Twinkle had asserted that although women may achieve and earn the same as men, they still have a much heavier workload. Regardless of how successful a woman is, she claimed that household chores and child care are still considered to be a woman's domain.


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