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Kareena Lauds Anant Ambani For Vantara Initiative, Shares Heartwarming Tale Of A Rescued Elephant

Kareena Kapoor Khan praised Anant Ambani for launching Vantara, a paradigm-shifting initiative for animal welfare in the heart of Gujarat's green belt.

A file photo of Kareena Kapoor and Anant Ambani | Image:ANI

Kareena Kapoor Khan lauded Anant Ambani for launching Vantara, a paradigm-shifting initiative for animal welfare in the heart of Gujarat's green belt.  Vantara (Star of the Forest), an ambitious program is dedicated to the rescue, treatment, care, and rehabilitation of animals in need. On Monday, Kareena Kapoor took to her social media handle to share an inspiring story of an elephant who was rescued through Vantara initiative.

A file photo of Kareena Kapoor | Image: ANI


Kareena Kapoor praises Anant Ambani for his Vantara initiative

Kareena Kapoor praised Anant Ambani after he discussed his Vantara initiative on Monday. The Crew star further narrated an inspiring story about an elephant that was rescued through the Vantara initiative on her Instagram handle.


Kareena wrote, "This is Tarzan, a young elephant who experienced a life-changing transformation recently after a successful cataract surgery, which restored his vision. This is just one of the many amazing stories taking place at Vantara, an initiative by the Reliance Foundation that diligently rescues, treats, and restores injured, neglected, and endangered animals both domestically and globally. Vantara has tirelessly rescued over 200 elephants and thousands of other animals, reptiles, and birds, committing to animal welfare. Bravo, Anant and team, on creating such an amazing initiative."


About Anant Ambani's initiative Vantara

With a commitment to global conservation, Vantara transforms this expansive space into a lush jungle, collaboratively crafted with animal care experts, providing a haven for the flourishing well-being of rescued species worldwide.


In an interview with ANI after the launch event, Anant Ambani, Director at Reliance Industries Limited, said, "In Radha Krishna Elephant welfare trust, we have rescued more than 200 elephants from across India. We serve elephants. Only service work is done here. This is not a zoo, this is a 'Sevalaya' (service room). I believe that Shri Ganesh resides in elephants and the form of Ganesh is that of an elephant. So, I serve elephants with the spirit of serving Ganesha."


The facility boasts a specialised kitchen spanning more than 14,000 square feet, meticulously crafting a tailored diet for each elephant, prioritising their crucial physical requirements, including oral health.


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