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Khushboo Excuses Sandeep Vanga From Animal Controversy, Blames The Audience For Making It Successful

Actor-politician Khushboo Sundar in a recent interview talked about the success of Animal and blamed the audience for giving it unnecessary push.

ranbir kapoor animal | Image:imdb

Popular actors from various film industries have recently shared their perspectives on Sandeep Reddy Vanga's latest movie, Animal starring Ranbir Kapoor. Despite facing criticism for its portrayal of misogynistic themes, the film was equally successful. Actor-politician Khushboo Sundar recently spoke about the movie during the event Witt: Female Protagonist – The New Hero.

What did Khushboo Sundar say about Animal?

Khushboo expressed unease over the popularity of Animal and talked about the societal implications of its success. She refrained from solely blaming the director and acknowledged that the issue lies within the audience's preferences. She said, “First thing I would like to say in this room is that I haven’t watched the film Animal because that’s not my kind of film.”



Sundar added, “If a film like Animal continues to be one of the biggest box office-grossing films, then we really need to think about the mindset of the people who go and watch such films. Even before that, we had a major issue with Kabir Singh. I don’t blame the director because I think for him it’s the success which is going to count.”


Khushboo Sundar questioned the mindset of youngsters who endorse such content

The actress further addressed the contradiction between the public discourse on gender equality and the funding of films like Animal. She further deemed it regressive in their portrayal of women and urged for a shift in perspective.




Khushboo said, “But I am talking about if there is something which is out there on a public forum where we talk about gender equality, we talk about equal respect to women, talking about her dignity, talking about how she should be projected and how she should be respected. And yet, you come across a film like Animal and people throng to go and watch these kinds of films. And they’re all youngsters. They’re educated youngsters. ‘Oh, we love the film.’ And I’m like, ‘Guys, what’s going on in your mind?’”

Other than Ranbir, Animal featured Rashmika Mandanna, Anil Kapoor, and Triptii Dimri in significant roles and earned over Rs 900 crore globally.


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