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Kirron Kher Left Acting In Her ‘Prime’ To Raise Me, Says Son Sikander Kher

Sikander Kher has opened up about how his mother Kirron Kher left acting to raise him. The actor has opened up his mother sacrificing her career for him.

Kirron Kher | Image:Kirron Kher/Instagram

Sikander Kher hails from a film family. Both his parents, mother Kirron Kher and father Anupam Kher are ace actors. In a new interview, the actor has opened up about how his mother had to give up her career in order to raise him. 

Sikander Kher sheds light on Kirron Kher’s sacrifice 

In a new interview, actor Sikander Kher has opened up about the sacrifices made by his mother Kirron Kher. In conversation with Siddharth Kanan, Sikander Kher was asked to choose who between his parents is a better actor. While the actor was faced with the tough choice he did not take anyone’s name but spoke about his mother. 

On asking to make a choice, Sikander said, “I can’t say that. He has done 500 films. Look at her, she gave up a full career for me.” Elaborating on that, the actor said, “She came to become a leading lady and main paida ho gaya (and then I was born). She didn’t pursue an acting career. She spent the prime of her life in bringing me up. And then when I was old enough, she started. Look at the love she got and the great work she has done.”

Sikander Kher recalls his mother’s candid confessions about his acting

In the same conversation, Sikander Kher also shed light on how his mother Kirron Kher has always been candid with her. He recalled, “People were always nice to me, bolte the ki ‘achcha kaam kiya hai (You have done good work),’ halanki (although) it is not necessary that I would believe them. I still don't believe them. I only believe what I hear at home from my mother who is very honest with me. Unhone mujhe kaha tha ek samay ki, ‘Tujhe acting aati hain. Jo kar rahe ho bas lage raho. Warna tere liye kahi na kahi petrol pump khol lete (You know how to act. Do what you do and keep at it. She had once told me that she would have opened a petrol pump if that was not the case)!' She said that if you didn't know how to act we would have told you. She said that you have it so just be at it.” 


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