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Madhuri Dixit Was 'Hesitant' To Do Prem Pratigya, Cried Before Doing THIS Scene With Ranjeet

Bollywood's popular villain Ranjeet in a recent interview revealed how his bad onscreen image made Madhuri Dixit cry for long and refuse to do a scene with him.

Ranjeet, Madhuri Dixit | Image:IMDb

Veteran actor Ranjeet who is known for portraying antagonistic characters in Bollywood recently disclosed that Madhuri Dixit initially hesitated to sign the movie Prem Pratigya due to concerns about sharing screen space with him. The revelation came to light during an interview where Ranjeet shared insights into the challenges he faced in his career because of playing villainous roles.

Ranjeet reflected on the struggles he faced because of his onscreen image

Ranjeet reflected on the perception of his image during those days and expressed how his villainous roles created difficulties for him in his personal life. This also made it nearly impossible for him to find a life partner. The actor, whose characters often involved mistreatment of women, talked about the monotony and repetitiveness of such roles and told Radio Nasha, “It was the same thing over and over again, grab sarees, pull hair, get beaten up in the end.”

Ranjeet | Image: IMDb

When Madhuri Dixit refused to work with Ranjeet in Prem Pratigya

Recalling a specific incident during the making of Prem Pratigya, Ranjeet narrated an incident involving Madhuri Dixit. According to him, Dixit was playing the role of a poor man's daughter and had initially refused to shoot a scene where Ranjeet's character was supposed to molest her. “She started crying in the makeup room, absolutely refusing to do the scene”, he revealed.

A still of Madhuri Dixit from Prem Pratigya | Image: Youtube screengrab

Ranjeet revealed that the fight director, Veeru Devgan suggested capturing the scene in a continuous take. Post the scene, Ranjeet revealed his interaction with Madhuri. He revealed her saying, “that she never even realised that I’d touched her, which was a great compliment. I respect all women, whether I know them or not.”


While addressing the controversial scenes he became synonymous with, Ranjeet clarified that such sequences are meticulously choreographed, similarly to dance sequences. He added, “It’s not like we’ve studied real-life rapes to perform them on screen. I used to often instruct my co-stars to pull my hair and scratch my face, in order to make the scene better. They used to be comfortable.”


Published January 16th, 2024 at 20:37 IST