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Meet this actor who left UPSC prep for Bollywood but couldn't enjoy stardom after promising debut

Chandrachur Singh, an actor from the 90s known for his charisma and talent, faced a tragic accident that derailed his Bollywood career.

Chandrachur Singh | Image:Chandrachur Singh I IMDb

Chandrachur Singh who was a charismatic Bollywood actor of the 90s, captivated audiences not just with his smile and charm but also with his remarkable performances. Despite a dream of becoming an IAS officer, he ventured into Bollywood and soared to fame from his debut. However, his path to stardom took an unexpected turn, and his journey in the industry was marked by highs and challenging lows.

Chandrachur Singh: The tragic journey of this 90's star

Regarded as one of the most educated stars in Bollywood, Chandrachur Singh initially aspired to pursue a career in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and was preparing for the Union Public Commission Service (UPSC). Yet, he diverted his course midway to explore acting. His Bollywood career peaked swiftly, but fate dealt a severe blow when a tragic accident altered the trajectory of his life and profession.

Chandrachur Singh: The tragic journey of this 90's star I IMDb

Recalling the incident in a candid interview, Chandrachur revealed the harrowing experience during a water skiing session in Goa. Losing his grip while the speedboat was in motion caused his right hand to dislocate from the shoulder joint. Miraculously, it remained attached by muscles and skin upon impact with the water's surface. However, this catastrophic injury derailed his career momentum, making it arduous to secure roles. His inability to maintain physical fitness due to the injury and prolonged physiotherapy sessions added to the challenges.

Chandrachur faced setbacks after his right hand dislocated from the shoulder joint I IMDb

Chandrachur's set-back

Despite early successes in movies like Tere Mere Sapne, Maachis, Josh, and Kya Kehna, Chandrachur faced setbacks post-injury. Projects turned unfavorable, and he found it challenging to resonate with the roles offered. His dedication to rehabilitation and reluctance to risk further damage to his shoulder led to turning down numerous movie offers.

Chandrachur Singh made his comeback in 2020 with the crime drama series, Aarya, opposite Sushmita Sen I IMDb

However, Chandrachur Singh's resilience shone through when he returned to the spotlight after a hiatus. His comeback in 2020 with the Disney+ Hotstar crime drama series, Aarya, opposite Sushmita Sen, surprised and delighted fans. Directed by Ram Madhvani, this marked a triumphant return for Chandrachur, showcasing his enduring talent and determination to overcome the hurdles that had disrupted his flourishing career.

Despite the setbacks and struggles caused by the life-altering accident, Chandrachur Singh's resilience and comeback in Aarya highlighted his unwavering passion for acting and reignited hopes for a promising resurgence in the entertainment industry.


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