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Radhika Apte Recalls Her Struggle Working In 'Patriarchal, Chauvinist' Telugu Film Industry

In an old interview, Radhika Apte opened up about her 'struggles' in the Telugu movie industry. The actress called the industry 'patriarchal and chauvinist'.

Radhika Apte | Image:Radhika Apte/Instagram

Radhika Apte is known for not mincing her words. In an old interview, the actress expressed her candid opinions about the Telugu film industry and the chauvinism she had to face while working in the industry. She claimed that she ‘struggled’ the most in the Telugu industry. A video of the actress talking about the same has resurfaced on social media. 

Radhika Apte says she ‘struggled’ the most in Telugu industry

In an old interview, Radhika Apte opened up about her journey in the Telugu film industry. The actress shared her reservations about the way women in the industry were treated. She elaborated on how she did not like the way the women characters are treated in the films and the way actresses are treated in the third person on the sets. 

In the interview, Radhika could be heard saying, “The one industry I’ve struggled the most is with Telugu.” She elaborated on her reasons and said, “The industry is so patriarchal, sort of male-dominated..male chauvinist. It’s unbearable the way women are treated.” Radhika boasts a filmography varying from all languages. Talking about the Telugu industry she said, “Even their part in the films is like 'My man is the god'. On set, you are treated like some third person and the actor! They don't even ask the actors anything. You know, they say that the actor's mood right now is not good and he wants to have Chai. I have constantly struggled and I put an end to it. I have realized that's it for me.” A video of her talking about the same has resurfaced on social media. 

When Radhika Apte opened up hitting on a co-star 

In another old interview, when the interviewer asked the Scared Games actress if she would hit on a co-star who she found attractive, the actress replied that she definitely would. Radhika said that if she didn't find the person attractive she would just ignore them and if they still did not understand then she would make it clear to them. While on the other hand if she found her co-star attractive she would flirt with them.


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