Updated April 22nd, 2024 at 13:45 IST

Ranveer Singh Files FIR Against Handle Promoting His AI Deepfake Video

Ranveer Singh fell victim to AI deepfake when the actor's fake video endorsing a political party went viral. He has now filed an FIR in the case.

Ranveer Singh | Image:ranveersingh/Instagram

Ranveer Singh recently became the latest victim of the menace sweeping the industry- fake AI-generated deepfake. A video featuring the actor surfaced online in which he is purportedly heard voicing his political views. The actor has now lodged an official complaint in the matter. 

Ranveer Singh files FIR against AI-generated video of him 

On Apil 15, Ranveer Singh took a boat ride in the river Ganges where he detailed his experience in the city. Using AI-deep fake technology, the video of the actor was edited to make it look like he is endorsing a political party. While the video, from the actor's recent visit to Varanasi, appears genuine, the audio is of an AI-enabled voice clone of Ranveer. 

Ranveer himself also recently addressed the matter and issued a statement on social media. Warning his followers, the actor took to his Instagram stories to write, "Deepfake se bacho dostonnnn. (Beware of deepfake freinds)" In a recent development regarding the generation and circulation of the deepfake video, when asked, the official spokesperson of Ranveer Singh confirmed filing a police complaint and the FIR has been lodged for further investigation by Cyber Crime Cell. Issuing the statement, the spokesperson said, “Yes, we have filed the police complaint and FIR has been lodged against the handle that was promoting the AI-generated deepfake video of Mr. Ranveer Singh.”. In the recent development, the Mumbai Police has filed a written complaint in the matter and has started an enquiry on the same. Republic has exclusively learnt that a written complaint has been filed by Ranveer Singh regarding the deepfake video and Mumbai police has started the enquiry in this case. 

Aamir Khan files FIR against the deepfake video 

Before Ranveer Singh, Aamir Khan also fell prey to a similar AI-deep fake-generated video. The actor too took formal measures and lodged an official complaint in the matter. The FIR was filed on April 17 at the Khar police station following a complaint by Aamir Khan's office under relevant Indian Penal Code sections, including 419 (impersonation), 420 (cheating) and provisions of the Information Technology Act, the official said. In the purported 27-second clip, which seems to have been edited using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Aamir can be seen talking about staying away from rhetoric (jumla).

A file photo of Aamir Khan | Image: Aamir Khan Fc/Instagram 

The deepfake video shows the actor purportedly in a scene from a decade-old episode of his television show, Satyamev Jayate. A spokesperson for Aamir Khan on Tuesday said while the actor in the past raised electoral awareness through Election Commission campaigns, he never promoted any political party.


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Published April 22nd, 2024 at 12:57 IST