Updated May 26th, 2024 at 23:29 IST

Ranveer Singh, Prashanth Varma's Rakshas Not Shelved Despite Disagreements: Report

Ranveer Singh and Prashanth Varma's untitled project recently ran into a slight hiccup with regards to a disagreement between both parties.

Ranveer Singh | Image:ranveersingh/Instagram

Ranveer Singh is making strong strides in his career if his current lineup of projects are anything to go by. Not only will the actor be taking forward the mammoth Don legacy with the franchise's third installment, but is also gearing up to make his Tollywood debut soon. Perplexing news about the latter however, recently came forward when there were reports surrounding the actor's creative differences with Prashanth Varma who would be directing the film in question. Some clarity on the same appears to have now come forward.

What is the status on Ranveer Singh's Tollywood debut?

Ranveer Singh's Tollywood debut appears to have run into a set of problems even before the film has had a chance to go on floors. The degree of rumours surrounding the same made it appear that the film was reportedly being shelved. As per a recent 123Telugu report however, such is not the case.


The report even goes on to state how the director is finalising a pan-India appropriate script, which will allow the film to cater to a wide variety of audiences. While Prashanth Varma was forthcoming in sharing a direct statement with regards to the confusion surrounding his equation with Ranveer, the actor has yet to react to the same.

What was the issue between Prashanth Varma and Ranveer Singh?

Recent media reports suggested how the actor-director duo were at loggerheads over whether to title their project, Rakshas or Brahmarakshas. The creative differences however, did not stop right away. Ranveer Singh reportedly arrived for his look test with a whole caravan - something which is antithetical to the work culture in the South Indian film industries.


In a recent chat with Amar Ujala, Varma shared, "Yes, Ranveer Singh has his own style. He came to the office with a whole caravan. But, the way of working in the South is different. Here everyone works as a team. No one ever tries to impose any kind of authority on anyone". 


Published May 26th, 2024 at 23:29 IST