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Sara Ali Khan Says 'More Pressure' With OTT Release Than Theatrical

Sara Ali Khan has opened up on the pressures of the box office and how it varies from the challenges of movies that premiere directly on digital platforms.

Sara Ali Khan | Image:Sara Ali Khan/Instagram

Sara Ali Khan was recently seen in the films Murder Mubarak and Ae Watan Mere Watan both of which premiered directly on OTT. Days after the release of the movies, the actress has opened up on the pressure of releasing movies directly on digital. She argued that while watching movies at home, the viewers have a choice of shutting the television system off, which is scary.

Sara Ali Khan on pressures of OTT

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Life, Sara Ali Khan was asked about the differences between her movies released on OTT and theatres. The actress asserted that while the cinema-watching experience does not leave the audience with much choice, on OTT platforms that is not the case. She shared that she has to work harder on the movies that are made for digital platforms.

Sara Ali Khan in a still from Murder Mubarak | Image: IMDb

Sara Ali Khan said, “If you talk about just pressure, when I go watch a movie even if it is an average movie, I already have made an effort to reach the theatre so might as well watch the film. But at home, whether it is Murder Mubarak or Ae Watan Mere Watan, you can switch it off, so as an actor, the pressure is much harder.” She added that as an actor it takes more effort for a film which would premiere on OTT. She asserted, “I have to make sure every frame of mine makes an impact and you do not pause it and go away or switch it off and go in the bad scenario, so I feel the pressure is more." 


When Kareena Kapoor spoke about the pressures of OTT 

Previously, Kareena Kapoor who made her OTT debut with the mystery thriller Jaane Jaan also echoed the popular view on the pressures of the platform. In an interview with Forbes India, Kareena confessed that starring in a movie debuting on a digital platform is more difficult than theatrical releases. She said, “You want something engaging, something interesting. I think, in fact, it's more different to be on the OTT platform than cinema.” 

Kareena Kapoor in Jaane Jaan | Image: Instagram 

She added that ‘content is king’ on OTT and it is easy to get distracted while by it. She said, “'Cinema is more fun, kind of song-and-dance, action-packed. But whereas when you are watching it at home on an OTT platform, you need a story. You want to be not distracted. Because you have the ability to be distracted.”  


Published March 21st, 2024 at 22:35 IST