Updated May 15th, 2024 at 20:36 IST

Sharad Kelkar Opens Up About Adipurush Controversy: As A Hindu...

Sharad Kelkar is currently gearing up for the release of animated series Baahubali: Crown of Blood. He recently weighed in on the former Adipurush controversy.

A file photo of Sharad Kelkar. | Image:Instagram

Sharad Kelkar has built a sturdy parallel career for himself as a voice actor. He is best known in the respective field, as the first pick when it comes to dubbing for Prabhas in Hindi. This journey began for Kelkar when he was hand picked to voice Prabhas' role across the Baahubali franchise. Kelkar was also the voice behind the Hindi version of Om Raut's Adipurush. The reception of the two films however, were as different as chalk and cheese with the latter being dunked in controversy.

Sharad Kelkar weighs in on the Adipurush controversy

In a recent interaction with PTI, Sharad Kelkar revisited the Adipurush debacle. He recalls also having felt odd at the evident coloquialisation in the film. However, as it was a movie, he decided to take it at face value and move on from it, something he believes much of the offended audiences should have done. He said, "The subject is very sentimental. As a Hindu, I have read or heard it so many times, so there were a few things which I felt I had not heard about or maybe it was a different version. So, it was odd for me. But it's a film, it's fiction, so we should watch it as a film."


In the same breath, Kelkar also acknowledged how the presentation of Adipurush may have irked the sentiments of many, something he apologised for. He further reflected, "But it's Lord Ram, if we have hurt anybody's sentiments then we are sorry for that. But we should move on, and look forward to a bigger and honest product, which he is going to make, and I'm 100 per cent sure about it."


Sharad Kelkar will always be grateful for Baahubali

Sharad Kelkar has voiced a pivotal role in upcoming animated series, Baahubali: Crown of Blood. Going back to the original Baahubali franchise, the actor reflected how getting the gig changed a lot for him on the professional front, all for the better. 


He said, "That character is close to my heart. I got a huge fan base because of Baahubali. It was a new high in my career. People started calling me, 'the voice of Baahubali, the voice of India'. It brought about many changes in those two-three years." 


Published May 15th, 2024 at 20:36 IST