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Shekhar Suman Recalls Madhuri Dixit Getting Replaced By Padmini Kohlapure In Anubhav

In a new interview, Shekhar took a walk down memory lane to recall his working of working with Madhuri Dixit, his co-star in films like Tridev and Manav Hatya.

A file photo of Shekhar Suman. | Image:Shekhar Suman/Instagram

Shekhar Suman has been receiving praise for his performance in the latest release Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. In a new interview, the actor took a walk down memory lane to recall working with Madhuri Dixit, his co-star in multiple films like Tridev and Manav Hatya. He also shared how the actress was replaced in the 1986 romantic-comedy Anubhav. 

Shekhar Suman recalls Madhuri Dixit being replaced by Anubhav 

Shekhar Suman, in a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, opened up about the extensive work he has done with Madhuri Dixit. The actor spoke about a film Manav Hatya he did with the actress. In the same conversation, he remembers his film, Anubhav being first offered to Madhuri Dixit. The romantic comedy movie featured the actor in the lead role along with Padmini Kohlapure and emerged as a box office success. 

Official poster of Anubhav | Image: IMDb

Taking a walk down the memory road, Shekhar said, “My third film Anubhav also had Madhuri cast in it, but two days later, she was replaced by Padmini Kolhapure, who was a much bigger star then. That film became a huge success.” 


Shekhar Suman recalls picking up Madhuri Dixit on his bike for the shoot of Manav Hatya 

In the same conversation, Shekhar also recalled shooting for the film Manav Hatya. Directed by Sudarshan K. Rattan, the film went through several financial crunches. He recalled, “Maanav Hatya was the second film for both (Madhuri and him) of us individually, and the producer said they had no money for location and asked me if I could lend my house for the shoot.” He also added that the producer did not even have the funds to arrange for transportation so he had to pick up and drop Madhuri. 

A file photo of Madhuri Dixit and Shekhar Suman on the sets of Manav Hatya | Image: X

Shekhar said,” Later, the producer had no funds to pay for a taxi to pick up Madhuri so he asked me if I could pick her up. I would pick her up on a bike. There was no budget for makeup either so my wife was asked to do it. Madhuri was such a sweet, naive, Maharashtrian girl. The film somehow got completed.” The 1986 feature film Manav Hatya skipped a theatrical release and debuted directly on television. 





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