Updated February 11th, 2024 at 08:56 IST

Shootout at Lokhandwala Director Sanjay Gupta Takes A Dig At 'Heroes' Charging Exorbitant Fees

Many filmmakers believe that one of the primary causes of the enormous expenses associated with making movies—is the outrageous fees of the cast.

Sanjay Gupta | Image:IMDb

The post-Covid effect appears to be gradually diminishing as box office hits keep getting better. That being said, many filmmakers believe that one of the primary causes of the enormous expenses associated with creating movies—is the outrageous fees of the cast, particularly for male leads.

Director-producer Sanjay Gupta appears to have addressed this matter and emphasized the need for change in a recent post.


Sanjay Gupta calls out outrageous fee structure in the movie business 

In addition to discussing the first week's box office receipts, Sanjay also made a comparison between a movie's box office earnings and the salaries of "heroes," or A-list performers. We don't know what inspired this message, but it appears the director raised an issue that a lot of people may be able to relate to.


Taking to his X handle, the director-producer wrote, “Box office first weekend multiplied by two is usually first-week collection. Lifetime business of most films is less than the hero’s fees. This has to change!!!”

Sanjay Gupta on theatre business

When people began to swarm theaters in September of last year, Gupta used social media to address a similar issue. He tweeted that the theaters will be vacant once again after the excitement surrounding Jawan subsided. 

The Shah Rukh Khan film received a resounding reception at the box office, and Pathaan, which was his first release of 2023, experienced a similar outpouring of support from the public. 


Following several predictions that the response to Pathaan and Jawan is a sign that people are going back to the theaters in huge numbers following the pandemic, Gupta made the comment.



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