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Sonali Bendre, Shriya Pilgaonkar Discuss True Meaning Of Feminism

In a new interview, The Broken News 2 actors Sonali Bendre and Shriya Pilgaonkar discussed the true meaning of feminism and how it does not mean man-bashing.

Sonali Bendre | Image:Instagram

Sonali Bendre, Shriya Pilagaonkar, and Jaideep Ahlawat are gearing up for the release of their show The Broken News 2. During promotional interviews for the show, the actors shared their two cents on the recent ongoing discussions about feminism and its true meaning. The actresses asserted that feminism does not mean ‘man-bashing’ and advocate for equal opportunities. 

Why did Sonali Bendre say she is not ‘comfortable’ with the definition of feminism?

In a conversation with Janice Sequeira, Sonali Bendre shared that she is not ‘comfortable’ with the common notion floating about feminism. She argued that they are looking for equal rights for all genders in society and do not mean ‘man-bashing’. She said, “The definition has taken on this connotation of ‘male-bashing’ which a lot of us are not comfortable with. I am not comfortable with ‘male-bashing.” 


A file photo of Sonali Bendre | Image: Instagram 

The Hum Saath Saath Hain fame asserted that what the society needs is balance and equal rights. She shared, “We are looking for equal rights and you want equal rights not up and down. Again that is an imbalance. What you want is a balance and either way when the scale moves and there's no balance, then there is a problem.” 

What did Shriya Pilgaonkar say about feminism? 

In the same conversation, Shriya too shared her views on feminism. She agreed with her co-star Sonali Bendre and shared, “People haven't googled the definition of feminism.” She added that the term does not mean oneupmanship. The actress added, “Feminism is equal rights, it's not one-upmanship and I think unknowingly a lot of people are feminists already but they somehow don't call themselves that because they think feminism is ‘male-bashing.” Jaideep Ahlawat who also stars in the web show The Broken News 2 also seems to be in agreement. 


A file photo of Shriya | Image: Instagram 

When Neena Gupta shared her opinion on feminism

During her appearance on a podcast in December, Neena expressed that she is not necessarily in favour of the idea that men and women should be treated equally. She stated that it might not be necessary to concentrate on "useless feminism" or the idea that "women are equal to men". 



A file photo of Neena Gupta | Image: Instagram 


The actress, on the other hand, highlighted the significance of reaching financial independence and devoting enough time to one's work. She pushed for appreciating the importance of being a housewife without demeaning the role and urged people to be proud of who they are and not think less of themselves. Neena emphasised that the focus of her message was personal empowerment.


Published April 27th, 2024 at 15:38 IST