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Suniel Shetty Almost Refused Border Because Of JP Dutta - Here's What Made Him Change His Mind

Suniel Shetty recently shared a long note revealing how he almost said no to one of his biggest career hits Border because of some people.

Suniel Shetty | Image:Suniel Shetty/LinkedIn

Suniel Shetty who is known for his films like Hera Pheri and Border among others, recently shared how he had almost turned down his role in JP Dutta - the film that is one of the actor's biggest career hits. The actor shared a long note on his LinkedIn handle sharing how one should never make a decision based on other people's biases and perceptions about others.

Suniel Shetty almost turned down his role in Border

On February 28, the actor took to his LinkedIn profile and wrote, "I almost didn’t do one of the most important movies of my career. Why? Because based on what others around me thought, I somehow decided that I wouldn’t get along with the film’s director. And at the time, it sounded like a reasonable conclusion to arrive at. By then, I’d spent a few years in the industry. Had met with some success & mass acceptance, learned a few lessons & was a decent judge of people."

He continued, "JP Dutta had a reputation of being hard to work with. Even though I didn’t know him myself, I’d heard from others that he had a temper, was not easy to get along with & was pretty headstrong about how he wanted things. So when he approached me for Border, at first, I said no. Why? Only because I’d let other people's biases make that decision for me. And funnily, this despite the fact that I could immediately tell from hearing the narration & seeing his vision, that he was onto something special."


Suniel thanks his wellwishers for making him give JP Dutta a chance

In the same note, he wrote, "Thankfully for me, certain wellwishers intervened. And they got me to sit down with JP Saab once again, forcing me to look at things more rationally. And because it came from people I looked up to, this time, I was more receptive to the person & his ideas. What I was then able to see was a man, consumed by passion, not bothered by how people perceived him. The only thing he truly cared for was his product. And if you could find a way to follow the man’s lead, you’d see how laser focussed he was."


He added, "The rest is history. In Border, I found one of the most successful films of my career. More than the commercial success it earned, Border earned a special place in people’s hearts. Over 25 years after the film released, the kind of love I continue to receive from real heroes in uniforms is unreal. They see me as one of them & that I consider one of my greatest achievements from my acting career."

Suniel Shetty later mentioned why his story is important

Sharing the reason behind the importance of this story, the actor said, "Because this episode taught me early in my career, never to make decisions or form judgments about people, ideas or businesses based on what others say or think. As a matter of fact my Team will tell you, nothing puts me off more than someone complaining about someone. I say this proudly - I never let someone’s biases decide for me."

"At work you will come across people of all kinds. Some with poor social skills & some with a my way or the highway attitude. We’ll come across opportunities or openings that people around us may have a negative opinion of. And to their credit, these people will most likely have the best intentions at heart. And yet, I’d say - always approach any new opportunity with an open mind. What you may see or learn, could be very different from how it worked out for another person."


After Border, JP Dutta and Suniel Shetty collaborated on more projects like LOC: Kargil and Paltan together. According to the actor, he shares a good relationship with the filmmaker which is beyond their professional ties. Suniel called JP Dutta,  "a patriot of the highest order, a hard taskmaster & one of the best directors of his time."



Published February 28th, 2024 at 19:43 IST