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When Vicky Kaushal Shared How His Parents’ Advise Helped Him During His Struggling Days

In an old interview, Vicky Kaushal shared how his parent's words of encouragement during his struggling days helped him keep faith in himself.

Vicky Kaushal | Image:Vicky Kaushal/Instagram

Vicky Kaushal made his debut with the 2015 film Masaan. The actor was most recently seen in the movie Sam Bahadur (2023) and is gearing up for the release of Chhaava. In an old interview, the actor spoke candidly about going door to door in search of an opportunity. He also shared how the motivation from his parents helped him sustain confidence in himself. 

When Vicky Kaushal spoke about his initial hustle 

Before finding his footing in the industry, Vicky Kaushal had to go through his fair share of struggles. In a conversation with Film Companion, the actor recalled leaving his house at 11 am only to return after late evening. He shared, “I knew of certain few places where auditions happened, where were some ad agency offices, where were the offices of casting directors and filmmakers. I didn’t know what I would do but I knew that I would just go, meet people, tell them, ‘I want to act’ and give auditions. I was sure I wouldn’t just sit at home because I knew that was not how I would get work.” 

A file photo of Vicky Kaushal with his mother | Image: Instagram 

He then recalled the times when he would get demotivated or disheartened by rejection. He remembered words by his mother giving him ‘power’. He added his mother told him, “It’s not your job to know how it’s going to happen. Your job is to have faith that it’s going to happen. The ‘how’ part of it.don’t try to become God. You can plan it but don’t kill yourself over it.”  Vicky admitted that the one line said by his mother was enough of a motivation for him.


Vicky Kaushal shares what his father advised him

A file photo of Vicky Kaushal with his father Sham Kaushal  | Image: Instagram 

Vicky Kaushal’s father- Sam Kaushal worked as an action director in Bollywood. In the same conversation, the Raazi actor shared, “One thing that my dad told me was not to come with Plan B. It is different for different people, but it works for me. When I know there is no safety net, I jump a little bit more far. It gives me power.” Vicky will be seen next in Chhaava, Love And War and Bad News. 


Published May 16th, 2024 at 11:18 IST