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It'd Be Foolish: Zeenat Reacts To Biopic Announcement Days After Payal Was Confirmed To Play Lead

Recently actress Payal Ghosh announced that she will be playing the lead role in Zeenat Aman's biopic titled Shaque: The Doubt.

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Days after a biopic on Zeenat Aman was announced, the actress reacted to the idea of people making a film based on her life and called it foolish to have not involved her in it. On March 5, the actress took to her social media handle to share a long note claiming it would be impossible to make a film on her without keeping her in the loop.

Zeenat Aman shared a cryptic post after the announcement of her biopic

Taking to her Instagram handle, Zeenat opined that it would be great if people involved her in making her biopic. It seems the veteran actress was unaware that a biopic is being made on her and actress Payal Ghosh will be playing the titular role and this has upset Zeenat. An excerpt from her post read, "Quite frankly, nobody knows me like I do - so any research to this end would be incomplete, even flawed, without my input. I’d wager that for every factoid about me that’s available in the public domain, there are a hundred more that are known just to me. There is a trove of milestones, anecdotes and personal revelations that are integral to understanding my journey."

(A file photo of Zeenat Aman | Image: Instagram)

She concluded her note by sharing what kind of a director can make her biopic. "Will it happen? Who knows. It would take a sensitive director, a brave writer, an immaculate cast… not to mention, a producer who will - to steal a quote - show me the money!" she wrote. 


Payal Ghosh Announces Zeenat Aman's Biopic, To Play The Lead Role

Just a few days ago a biopic on Zeenat Aman was announced titled Shaque: The Doubt. It was told that actress Payal Ghosh will be playing the lead in the film and filmmaker Rajeev Chaudhari will be the director. The actress even reacted to it and said, "This is a humongous opportunity for me. I am really glad and fortunate that so much of faith has been entrusted in me that they feel I can play such an iconic personality on-screen."

(A file photo of Payal Ghosh | Image: Instagram)
(A file photo of Payal Ghosh | Image: Instagram)

"Zeenat Aman is a legend and getting to essay her on-screen is one of the biggest opportunities any actor of today's time can get. I am so excited and looking forward to doing a good job in the project. I am thrilled and all I want to promise to my fans is that I am going to do my best for this," she added.


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