Updated March 3rd, 2024 at 08:56 IST

Bill Gates, Zuckerberg Don Indian Attire For Mela Rogue At Anant Ambani-Radhika Merchant Pre-wedding

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were dressed for the grand mela themed party.

Mark Zuckerberg | Image:Republic

Business magnates Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg wore Indian attires for the mela rouge event on Day 2 of Anant Ambani- Radhika Merchant pre-wedding bash.

While Bill Gates opted for a kurta and embroidered jacket, Mark wore an embellished kurta.

Bill Gates in black jacket

The business mogul and philanthropist, whose video with Nagpur tea seller Dolly Chaiwala went viral, seemed to be enjoying himself at the wedding. He stuck to the Mela theme party's dress code and wore a beautiful black kurta and an embroidered jacket over it. He was seen meeting with Minister Smriti Irani and Mark Zuckerberg. He had landed in Jamnagar after meeting with the Chief Minister of Odisha.

Mark Zuckerberg in pastel kurta

Self-confessed lover of Indian weddings, Mark is enjoying the wedding fully. He wore a pastel kurta, with pista green coloured sherwani. Earlier also, he stuck to the theme and wore jungle themed shirt for the walk on the wildside event.

Mark sticks to the Jungle fever theme

Mark and Pricilla | Image - Instagram

The CEO of Meta followed the dress code completely, as he dressed up in an animal-print shirt. We can also spot wild trees, plants and flowers on his shirt, with a relaxed fit. A prominent tiger print makes the outfit stand out. His wife Pricilla, on the other hand, got ready in a snake-print body strappy hugging gown. The couple kept their looks simple for the day as the event lined up is exploring the Ambani' animal rescue center in Jamnagar called Vantara.


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