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Did Rashmika Mandanna Confirm Her Relationship With Vijay Deverakonda?

A fan of Rashmika Mandanna shared a post discussing the qualities in her future husband. However, the actress' comment on the post left the internet divided.

विजय देवरकोंडा-रश्मिका मंदाना | Image:PTI

Rashmika Mandanna often interacts with her fans through social media. However, her recent comment on one of her fan pages have caught the attention of netizens. A fan page of Rashmika Mandanna shared a post discussing the qualities in her future husband. The interesting thing about the post was that it said her husband should be like "VD."

Rashmika Mandanna drops subtle hint about her future husband

Rashmika Mandanna's fan page played with words in a post they shared on X handle and wrote, "What qualities should one have to become Rashmika Mandanna’s husband? She is National Crush of India Her husband must be special. Her husband should be like VD. I mean Very Daring.Who can protect her. We call her a queen.then her husband should also be like a king."

Rashmika's fan post | Image: X


Rashmika Mandanna was quick to comment on the post and wrote, "That’s very true." For the unversed, VD is also Vijay Deverakonda's nickname coined by his fans.

Rashmika's comment on the post | Image: X
Rashmika's comment on the post | Image: X


Soon after Rashmika reacted to the post, one of her fans wrote, "So rashmikamandanna mam you indirectly confirm something @rowdyrashmika." Meanwhile, the others also posted their comments and talked about how Rashmika seemingly confirmed her relationship with VD aka Vijay Deverakonda.

Rashmika talks about Vijay Deverakonda

In an earlier interview with We Are Yuvaa, Rashmika Mandanna spoke about Vijay and said, "Viju and I, we sort of grew up together. So anything I do in my life right now, he has a contribution in it. I take his advice in anything that I do. I need his opinion, and he is not a ‘yes’ person. He is like on the point, this is good, this is not good, this is what I think, this is what I don’t think."

Vijay and Rashmika's relationship rumours began in 2018 when they worked together in the film Geetha Govindam. However, they never commented on their relationship and maintained secrecy. But, Rashmika's recent comment on a fan's cryptic post about future husband has left her fans excited.








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