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Ishita Dutta reveals what she will not miss about caring for her newborn: I still couldn't take...

Ishita Dutta recently opened up about how she has been tackling son Vaayu's colic diagnosis, also sharing a personalised routine for the same.

Ishita Dutta | Image:ishitadutta/Instagram

Ishita Dutta, best known for her role in the Drishyam film franchise, welcomed her baby boy back in July of 2023 with husband Vatsal Seth. While the actress often shares updates regarding her journey with motherhood, her most recent set of reflections regarding the same have been of a more somber kind. More specifically, the actress has opened up about her struggles trying to care for and bring comfort to her newborn diagnosed with colic.

Ishita Dutta reveals what she is not going to miss about caring for her newborn

Ishita Dutta took to her Instagram handle to share a montage of her caring for her newborn son, Vaayu. The actress went into detail about how Vaayu's colic diagnosis was preceded by several moments of uncertainty where she just simply did not know how to bring him comfort from the pain. 


Part of the voiceover to the reel reveals, "...But let me tell you what I am not going to miss. Those sleepless nights, him crying for hours and not being able to comfort him and watching him in pain. This one is for all the moms with colicky babies. I feel you and I want to say that you are not alone. It was so overwhelming and it took me so much time to figure out what was wrong and I still couldn't take the pain away."


Ishita Dutta shares her personalised routine to bring comfort to son Vaayu

The caption to the reel gave insight into Ishita's personalised routine she had devised to bring relief to Vaayu. However, the actress also revealed how while the hacks she has devised have been the result of trial and error coupled with instinct, every baby is unique and mother's must follow professional advice and their gut. 


An excerpt from the post's caption read, "I used to give him both top feed and Breast milk I switched to only Breast feed as the top feed was not suiting him. We tried a couple of brands and finally at age 3 months plus he accepted the feed. Spoke to a lot of mommies who experienced the same with their babies and took their advice. Not everything will work for you so you need to just try out different things and also sometimes go with your instinct...Even today he does has bad days but it’s so much better."


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