Updated March 2nd, 2024 at 23:42 IST

Katrina Kaif Reveals She Was Publicly Shamed On The Sets Of Her South Debut For Being A Non-Dancer

Katrina Kaif recently revealed that she was publicly shamed in front of Venkatesh for not knowing how to dance on the sets of her south debut Malliswari.

Katrina with Venkatesh in Malliswari | Image:X

Katrina Kaif ventured into Bollywood at a young age with no prior connections to the industry. The actress has now reflected on her journey and revealed how she handled criticism. Moving to India to pursue a career in films, Kaif learned the ropes on the job, taking criticism in stride.

Why was Katrina shamed during her South debut?

Recalling one instance on the set of her South Indian debut film Malliswari, Kaif shared an experience where someone publicly shamed her over the microphone. The actress told Mid-day, “I was doing a song and somebody on the set was saying this on the mike – ‘this girl just can’t dance!’ I remember very specifically, but not feeling pained or sensitive about it, just hearing that as information. So, I guess the thing is that they didn’t penetrate in a way that stopped me."




Facing numerous rejections and negative feedback early in her career, Kaif remained resilient. “I have so many so many memories of people telling me to my face that you will not make it, you cannot succeed, this will not work, I will never take you in a film, we will not be able to work with you," she said. However, she proved her critics wrong by eventually collaborating with those very individuals in successful film projects.

Katrina reveals crying over getting criticised

Asked about her reaction to direct criticism, Kaif admitted to feeling emotional. "I would sit there and I would cry," she confessed. Nevertheless, she maintained a positive outlook, viewing criticism as an opportunity for growth. "I just didn’t take them to heart, I didn’t take it negatively," she explained. Instead, she embraced the feedback as motivation to work harder and improve her craft.



Reflecting on her approach to handling criticism, Kaif reveals following her intuition. "I just went with my heart," she said, highlighting her belief in self-improvement and perseverance.


Published March 2nd, 2024 at 23:42 IST